What Is Dislocation;Causes,Treatment And Prevention

Dislocation, is a surgery, the displacement of one bone from another with which it is articulated (commonly called ‘putting out of joint’). Usually the result of an c accident, but may be caused by disease or be t congenital (occurring before birth). Displacements may be partial or complete.

What Is Dislocation;Causes,Treatment And Prevention

They are classified as ‘simple’ when the skin is unbroken, / ‘compound’ when the displaced bone pierces the skin. A complicated
Dislocation is a displacement of a bone, accompanied by severe local lesion of the e soft parts or fracture of the bone. The process of righting is called ‘reduction’.

Reduction of recent luxations can generally be accomplished • by surgical manipulation, but in old and long-neglected cases it involves an operation. r The shoulder is the joint most frequently s dislocated, or the hip in the lower extremity. There is a congenital form of dislocation of the hip in which the head of the femur (or thigh I bone) on one or both sides is not seated in its v proper position in relation to the pelvis.

This is a condition of faulty growth and not one resulting s from injury before or during birth. It occurs more frequently in girls than boys. It may not be r noticed until the child starts to walk, when the • deformity becomes obvious.Treatment Consist in splinting the limb in the position which will correct the deformity.

Causes of Dislocation Joint.

It is a very painful situation that can be caused by a falling by accident.There is also a visible deformation in the place, whereby the area may be swollen and the sensation of not being able to move a single bone , at least of that area.The pain is so strong that many athletes, after soccer games, cannot play. We can also see sometimes that the person does not suffer pain, usually occurs in recurrent dislocations (a joint that has been dislocated many times).

What Are The Joints Where Most Dislocations Occur ?

They exist in many parts of the body, and complications can occur due to the seriousness that represents by their approach with sensitive organs or tissues.

  • In the case of the shoulder , it can be dislocated forward or backward; most of the time it is caused by poor arm support or by sudden movements that compromise stability.
  • There are others a little more complicated, such as the dislocation of the hip that is produced by a strong impact such as a fall height, what happens there is that the leg acts as a lever, causing uncomfortable movement.
  • The fingers are also one of the joints (the interphalangeal joints ) where more dislocations can occur, especially in games of balls such as basketball, handball, etc …
  • If there is one that requires even more immediate attention, it is that of the knee , since the structure of the joint is more complex because of the bones that intervene. The cause of the dislocation is a forced rotation, bad support and traumatisms.
  • On the other hand, the dislocation of the elbow , is the most common within children. It is caused by falls when they begin to walk or by jerks when they are taken by the hand. You have to be especially careful about how weak your bones and joints are.

What To Do; First Treatment of Dislocation

We have seen that a dislocation may resemble a fracture, but its differentiation makes treatment easier.

  • The first thing to do is immobilize the affected part .
  • Apply ice if possible to reduce swelling and reduce pain,
  • Leave the joint in absolute rest.
  • Once the articulation is assured, transfer the injured person to a hospital so that the pertinent tests are carried out and they administer the appropriate treatment.

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