What display advertising formats exist?

One of the most important issues in advertising is the choice of the appropriate format to convey a message in relation to the promotion of a product or service. The advertising display is one that integrates a banner containing various elements of audio, video, visual information , and even text.

The more complete an advertising design, the more obvious its impact. The elementary option is one that harmonizes the sum of image and written information. The user observes these designs on the landing pages. What are the most common proposals?


This is one of the most prominent methods visually because of its strategic location at the top of the web. This digital advertising attracts attention because of its spectacular presence, which appeals to the viewer by occupying the entire space of the website where it is hosted.

Just as it happens in the pages of a printed newspaper where the information is also placed in order of relevance in one place or another of the pages, in an online medium, this large banner conveys its importance for this outstanding position.

Beyond this creation of remarkable dimensions it is possible to find banners with varied measures that are fully integrated in the page on which they are housed. In some cases they become extendable models automatically or through the participation of the user, who interacts with the visual information of the screen at the click of a button. One of the advantages of this type of design is the development of creativity in the proposal itself.

Page Roba

A format that can have multiple measures, all of them with a square or rectangular shape. This is one of the most used marketing methods in magazines and newspapers.




Currently, Internet users are increasingly uncomfortable with that type of advertising that is invasive for the user when visiting a site and the information is in the background before the absolute prominence of a large banner that hides the entire page. In that case, you can close this box by clicking on the corresponding box.

Against those who criticize this type of promotion are also those users who are aware that digital media need advertising to be able to finance themselves, especially when visitors access the entire content for free, without having to bear any cost for it.

Floor Ad

This is another of the most used forms of advertising in newspapers, blogs and online magazines. The location of the ad is at the bottom. The measures are fully adaptable to the criteria of each case.

Layer format 

It is a type of content that appears superimposed on the user’s access page, therefore, the data on the web is in the background.

The choice of one advertising model or another depends on what the marketing campaign itself carries out by a brand before a new launch.


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