10 tips to sell on social networks

Social networks connect companies and customers through these communication channels. Therefore, you can integrate the potential of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram into the marketing plan to sell more. How to achieve it?


  1. Choose where you want to be

Among the many social networks available, a company must select those that best fit the corporate communication itself. For example, fashion, decoration, gastronomy or tourism projects can find in the Instagram visual gallery an excellent way to present their proposals.

  1. Choice of microinfluencers

They do not have as many followers as the most influential profiles, but they have created communities of very interesting followers from the credibility they inspire in their audience. The collaboration between a brand and a profile of this type can be very productive as long as the candidate chosen is previously studied.

  1. Draws

If you want to put emotional marketing into practice, you can organize raffles coinciding with significant calendar dates. Participants experience great joy in assessing the possibility of winning a prize. And, in addition, they also share this information with their surroundings. Through these promotions you take care of your audience with gestures of appreciation for your support for the brand.

  1. Measure the data

To know what is happening, it is essential that you analyze the metrics of social networks through those tools enabled for this purpose.



  1. Editorial schedule

Make a calendar for each social network. You need to have this planning to coordinate the different social networks in a realistic way. You can specify the days and the schedule of publication, as well as the type of interaction.

  1. Content Marketing 

Spread the new posts of the corporate blog through social networks. Invest in level texts to generate value.

  1. Quality photographs

An image communicates more than words because its message is captured in a single visual stroke. The photos you share on your social networks represent the image of your own business. For this reason, take care of the result.

  1. Attractive language

People are subjected to an excess of information and do not read all the messages that they like on social networks. Try to be creative and original through persuasive language that invites you to display the content of a link.

  1. Share the brand philosophy

Humanize your project by sharing in the social profiles a message that represents a corporate synthesis of your own business style that individualizes your company against the competition.

  1. Facebook fanpages

Thanks to this page, your customers have the opportunity to share their impressions about the business. These valuations are taken into account by other customers before making their purchases. The positive comments of the brand can be as constructive as the negative ones, provided the company offers an adequate response.

Shops can sell more as long as they see a new way of customer service this time with close, simple and direct communication.


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