Discuss Breifly Morphology Linguistics Concept


Discuss Breifly Morphology Linguistics Concept

The concept of Morphology Linguistics was introduced in the nineteenth century. In linguistics, morphology comprises the part of grammar that explain the function and formation of the words.

“IT is the branch of grammar that studies the internal structure of words to classify their units, and the kinds of words that lead formation of new words”

The morphology is a part of linguistics that deals with studying the internal structure of words. Thus, attempts to classify and define the basic units that make up words.

In linguistics, the term morphology has acquired a specialized meaning: ” study of the forms of words ” and by extension ” Study of the word.


From a morphological point of view, the words are formed by:

Derivation: is to add derivative morphemes (prefixes or suffixes).

 Prefixes: ultra-sea

Suffixation: Brightness ( ness)

Composition: join several simple words. Resulting in compound words

In this sense, morphology has three specific functions: categorizes words according to their function (noun, adjective, verb, adverb, etc.); studies variations of its forms, inflections; and explains the processes involved in the derivation and composition of words. To explain more concisely the explanation of a language, the morphology can also join syntax.

Know The Difference Between Morphology linguistics Morpheme, and Syntax.

The morpheme is the smallest unit capable of expressing a grammatical meaning. It is present in all the words and joins the lexeme word to modify or complete its meaning. Morphemes are a type of monemes.


  • Cat: Cat (lexeme) + o (morpheme meaningful masculine)
  • Girls: Kids (lex.) + A (morf feminine.) + S (morf plural.)
  • Phone: TV (morf prefix.) + Fon (lex.) + O (morf masculine.)

Traditional grammar divides the study of all the world’s languages. For by convention into two sections: morphology and syntax.

The morphology explains the internal structure of words and word formation process while syntax describes how words combine to form phrases, sentences and phrases.

Traditional and Modern concept

Structuralism says like Bloomfield, the morphology is the very important of study language. Instead, the generative school of the teachings, Chomsky does not consider as important, and generally prefers to the studies to the syntax. Today, this dissimilarity of opinion has made the morphology a controversial field of theoretical linguistics. There are few who believe, with Chomskian, that the process of formation of words as a discipline has no place. Others, however, believe that every field of study that adds information to the field of linguistic knowledge is welcome and should be encouraged and taken into account.

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