Five Facts Traditional Grammar and Modern linguistics

The Traditional Grammar And Modern Linguistics have focused two different views of languageIt is normally believed that the evolution of modern linguistics characterized in F, de Saussure’s book “Course in Linguistics General Linguistics. But we have to be aware of that language was being taught for centuries in Europe by many scientists and philosophers, grammarians. We can say the study of the language over the years almost referred to “the traditional grammar.“The approach of traditional grammar is very different from modern linguistics.

Five Facts Traditional grammar and Modern linguistics


The first universal difference is, linguistics deals with descriptive approach and grammar is prescriptive. A linguist cares, what is said, not what he thinks needs to said. He explains language in all its functions, but does not impose the rule of correctness. HE does not believe in correctness of language. Instead, he cares to be a keen observer and recorder of facts, but not a judge. He may recognize that one type of speech seems to be more socially acceptable than others because of the influence of powerful culture. But this does not make you think that the socially acceptable range can replace all other varieties, or old words are always better than new ones or vice versa. There will be considered the changes in the language and use of language as the result of a natural and continuous process, not something that is a quick process.

The Ultimate Guide To Traditional grammar and Modern Linguistics

Traditional grammarians, on the other hand, have tended to emphasize, perhaps overemphasized the importance of writing, because of its continuation. Before the invention of sound recording, it was difficult for people to cope with the words that exist only for seconds. People were encouraged to imitate best book   for using the language. Many of the applications of traditional grammar rules only relate to written language;. They may not be significant in terms of spoken language without much qualification and more addition.

The modern linguistics is completely different from traditional view of language. It does not apply Latin framework. It is true Latin has been the great influential language during the European regime. And it was considered as global framework of all the languages.  That is why many languages other languages ​​have been forced to conform to Latin styles and categories, especially the cause of division in the past tense system, present and future linguists.

Modern linguistics rejects judgment on one language to other. They see language as the idea that any language can provide the basis for all other language. They are generating the ways to put universal framework by finding out common features among most of language used by people.


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