What are the different types of strength training?

Many health and fitness experts suggest that strength training is an important part of any healthy exercise routine. In addition to building muscle, strength training improves flexibility and can help maintain bone density. There are many different types of strength training equipment available that can suit individual needs. Whether a person prefers machines that assist with posture and weight distribution or like to add an aerobic workout with a pair of dumbbells, the options are almost limitless.

Some strength training equipment uses pulley systems and weight discs to help improve strength. These weight training machines are a regular feature of fitness centers and can be quite effective if used properly. Some machine strength training equipment allows the user to do just one exercise, but others have a variety of positions and attachments to allow multiple moves. It is important to read the instruction manual carefully before using this type of strength training equipment as it can be both during training and setting up the machine.

Free weights are another type of strength training equipment that many find useful. These come in many types, from dumbbells to heavy weight balls. Free weights use the body’s own resistance to provide a workout; Since the bike is usually less stable than on a machine, an extra component of attitude and core strength is added. It is important to perform movements accurately with this type of strength training equipment, as poor posture or subtraction in the wrong place can lead to injury and reduce the effectiveness of the routine.

Some free weights can help provide strength training even when exercising other than simple weight lifting. Lightweight dumbbells and weighted wrists and ankle bands can add resistance and strength to a cardio routine such as jogging or walking. Even yoga and pilates can be made more effective by holding weights while performing postures. Adding weights to almost any type of exercise routine can result in a faster muscle build-up and a higher calorie burn.

Another type of strength training equipment is the resistance band. These elastic bands come in a variety of lengths and levels of resistance, and can be a great way to add anaerobic stretches and move to a routine. The exercises are performed by means of resistance of the band as a weight; stretching resistance activates the muscles. It is important to find the right level of resistance band, as too much pressure can cause the band to snap painfully.

  • Manuals are a popular form of strength training equipment.
  • Manuals are often used by athletes for strength training.
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