What Are The Different Types Of Cat Eye Drops?

Cat eye drops come in two general variants. Some are prescribed by the veterinarian and contain specific medications to treat special problems. Another broad category of cat eye drops consists of products available without a prescription, used to treat some minor conditions or to cleanse and soothe a Cata’s eyes. Some natural or homeopathic eye drops are also available to cats and may help in the treatment of certain conditions.

A variety of ailments can plague the eyes of cats. Bacterial infections are quite common and can cause the eyes to become red and puffy. A veterinarian will often prescribe antibiotic cat eye drops to treat this type of condition. If used properly, these eye drops should eliminate a bacterial infection in just over a week.

Cats can be infected with viruses and other parasites in addition to bacteria. In some cases, such as when dealing with feline herpes virus that is common among housecats, cat eye drops can be used to help remove crusts from the eyes but are unable to directly treat the underlying condition. In other cases, for example, in the treatment of parasite infections, medical eye drops may be available.

Many stores sell over the counter eye drops for cats. These cat eye drops serve primarily to water and sooth eyes that may be irritated by allergies or from a minor trauma. Cat owners should consult with a veterinarian before employing these treatments to be sure that the use of such cat eye drops is appropriate.

Natural medicines and supplements are available to cats just like humans, and cat eye drops based on natural substances are widely marketed. These eye drops should be considered based on the specific ingredients they contain. If you are unsure about the properties of a particular drug, a cat owner should consult a trained veterinarian to err on the side of caution, as the natural substances in these supplements are subject to much less regulation than medical drugs, but can have very powerful effects on a cat.

In some cases, a veterinarian may prescribe a mild ointment instead of cat eye drops. This is done because an ointment will typically transfer a larger dose of medicine and requires less frequent application. This can be an advantageous alternative in some cases, because not all cats tolerate the use of eye drops well, and more frequent administration of drops can be traumatic for a sick animal.

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