What are the differences between the Xbox 360

There are a few basic differences between Xbox 360 game consoles that can influence your decision when purchasing one. The first generation of Xbox 360 consoles, also known as the “classic”, has a range of features perfect for the avid player, however, as technology advances, so do the elements necessary to understand that technology. The differences between the Xbox 360 consoles for some may be minimal, but for the consummate gamer, these differences may or may not favor a business deal.


The basic Xbox 360 does not come equipped with a wireless adapter card, while the PlayStation is equipped with a standard wireless card. However, the Xbox 360 elite edition comes with a wireless adapter card for Internet gaming at a higher price than the standard model. For more serious gamers, wireless capability is an important distinction and will be a factor in purchasing decisions. For those interested in gaming without the help of wireless, the classic Xbox 360 will be the cheapest option, with a price difference of more than $ 100 between the elite and classic models, starting in 2011.

Audio and video

While the Xbox 360 (both classic and elite) do have the ability to play DVDs, but there are some differences in video playback quality and resolution that may be important considerations. The Xbox 360 elite has faster memory and larger hard drives, which at first glance appear to be more attractive. However, the Elite’s largest system reduces playback speed in some cases, and while sound and visual quality is improved in the Elite system, game load and playback times are compromised due to increased of technology.

Console layout

The Xbox 360 elite has a slimmer body style than the classic Xbox 360, and may be attractive to some gamers. The slimmer model makes it easy to store or move and is ideal for those who travel frequently with their gaming system or who want to save space. The 360 ​​elite has more ventilation to help prevent overheating when the system is used for long periods of time. Plus, it has two smaller fans to help with cooling. Some elite models are relatively the same size as the classic model, and there is a cost to upgrade your model to a slimmer one.


The Xbox 360 elite has the ability to use Microsoft Kinect technology, and the classic Xbox 360 cannot support it. The 360 ​​elite comes with a special USB port that easily connects users to the Kinect to give them more gaming options. As the classic 360 is one of the first new generation gaming systems, it has a greater variety of games available (although most of the titles are old, and therefore the system is not compatible with newer games due to system requirements).

Memory and disk drive

The Xbox 360 elite has a larger capacity hard drive and more memory space available for gamers to save files. With a capacity of up to 250 gigabytes built into the 360 ​​elite system, it has a much larger storage capacity than the classic Xbox 360. However, classic models have faster game load times as the system is more Small and doesn’t have to work as hard to function, even though the hardware capacity of elite models has increased.


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