Differences between sound bar and home cinema

It is clear that flat screen televisions are already a constant in most Spanish homes. They are getting thinner and taking up less space. This has been accompanied by a drawback: the loss of sound quality . Something directly related to the progressive thinning of televisions. Note that in tube models there was ample space for speakers of all kinds. Now, in the plans, it is impossible to add a suitable sound box for quality sound. The alternatives are either a Home Cinema or a sound bar to hear with quality and power.

Rate ease of installation in addition to price.

Sound bar

It is a simple bar, sometimes accompanied by a subwoofer or an optimizer depending on the characteristics of the room, with five or up to seven speakers. The software can emulate different sound systems depending on the quality of the source being used. The Home Cinema

It consists of a main subwoofer and multiple speakers, ranging from two to seven depending on sound technology. The speakers are connected to a central source from which the sound comes, and each offers a certain range of audio to create a real feeling of high-quality surround sound. Some Home Cinema include a DVD or Blu-Ray player. What to look for to make the right choice

  • Sound quality
  • Installation
  • Price

Your choice will be the sound bar if you don’t need the best sound quality but you do want to improve the TV’s sound as well as easy installation. Instead, choose a Home Cinema better if you have a large living room at home to be able to install it properly, you are looking for the best possible sound quality and you are going to connect the system to a single device without having to relocate it.


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