Differences between the entrepreneur and the manager

The word entrepreneurship is often considered the opposite of the word manager. These two people are the most important for the management, control and administration of any organization.

An entrepreneur is a person who takes various risks to turn ideas into reality in order to manage them efficiently. A manager, on the other hand, is a person who manages various operations and functions of the company.

Again, an entrepreneur is a company owner. Who carries all the uncertainties and risks of the business. On the other hand, a manager is an officer in the company. Here we will discuss the fundamental differences between entrepreneurs and managers. These are discussed in detail below.

Definition of Entrepreneurship

An entrepreneur is a person who creates a new company for production purposes. He usually deals with all the risks by identifying new opportunities and investing in capital by taking a business venture. Read more – 5 Effective Ways to Succeed as a Young Entrepreneur

The main purpose of which is to make financial profit and grow the business. He usually invented new business ideas and processes. The many qualities an entrepreneur possesses are:

১. Risk taking

  1. Commitment and perseverance

৩. The power of analysis

৪. Initiative and independence

৫. High personal skills


Definition of manager

A manager is a person who performs all activities effectively by his subordinates for the purpose of doing business. The three main tasks of a manager are planning, organizing, directing, motivating and coordinating and controlling. A manager is the person in charge of a particular department or unit of a company. He gives direct instructions to the workers or supervisors.


Not knowing the difference between an entrepreneur and a manager

The following are the basic differences between an entrepreneur and a manager.

১. An entrepreneur is someone who starts a new company by taking financial risk in order to make a profit. On the other hand, the person responsible for managing and controlling the organization is the manager.

  1. An entrepreneur is usually the focus of a business start-up. But a manager mainly monitors the activities of the organization.

৩. Any achievement serves as a motivation for the entrepreneur. On the other hand, the primary motivation is the biggest power of managers.

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৪. Entrepreneurs do not have to obey any rules to enter the work. But in order for a manager to enter work, he has to follow the rules of the organization.

৫. An entrepreneur owns a company. But a manager is an employee of a company.

৬. The entrepreneurs receive all the company’s profits as rewards. But a manager gets paid at the end of the month for the work he does.

৭. An entrepreneur is a decision maker for any company. But a manager counts and takes advice to implement the decisions.

৮. Creativity and innovation are the key strengths of an entrepreneur. On the other hand, a manager maintains the existing state of the organization.

৯. An entrepreneur is a risk taker. But a manager is reluctant to take risks. It is his job to govern the company in accordance with company law.

The above discussion shows that an entrepreneur and a manager are two completely different people in an organization.

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