What are the obstacles and pathways for women to become entrepreneurs?

In our country it is very difficult to be an entrepreneur  . If the entrepreneur is a woman then the problem is like a mountain. I will talk about how to be a woman entrepreneur and what obstacles you face as a woman entrepreneur. However, the hope is that men as well as women are doing well in the business world.

# 1 Lack of sufficient capital

This is a big problem for both men or women entrepreneurs. Lack of sufficient capital Many more women have to read than a man can read. First, it is almost impossible for women to have a loan in their own name, or not. As a result, women are left behind.

Second, it is difficult for women to run a business without getting a small amount of money on bank loans. The last trust they have is the deposit money or some money received from the family. As a result, as an entrepreneur, very few women can express themselves.

Lack of capital is not an option except to be solved with capital. You have to start the business with the money and money available from your family in this area. After starting a business, you can expand your business with a bank loan.

# 2 Family ties

In our society, caring for a husband and child is considered a major task after marriage. Although many people have been able to get out of this idea at present. However, those who are left out of the idea tend to prefer the job more. As a result, women do not become entrepreneurs anymore.

To be an entrepreneur as a woman in this field, you have to inform yourself before marriage. To be an entrepreneur after marriage, your family needs to know about your entrepreneurial plans and try to get their support. Read more – The qualities that make entrepreneurs successful

# ৩ Limited mobility

A man can go wherever he wants, with whom he can easily mix. But for a woman entrepreneur that is a big challenge.

You can get help from your family members as a solution. Your brother or husband may be your business partner. Hopefully many women entrepreneurs are no longer considering this as a problem.

# 1 Education in the field of entrepreneurship

Do not forget that you have to be very educated to be an entrepreneur. But being an entrepreneur is very difficult without getting a minimum education. As much as you have studied, enough is enough, but you do not want to be an entrepreneur on anything that you need to know and understand well.

# 1 Risk or risk taking is low

Women in our country usually look for a fixed income job as a way to earn money. They do not want to take the risk of being an entrepreneur. There are several reasons for this. Then if you want to be a woman entrepreneur then you have to take risks. Here you can focus on low risk business.

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