Difference Between Anxiety And Stress;Facts You Must Know

Difference Between Anxiety And Stress is being discussed in this article.Anxiety and stress are two very similar conditions, but they stand out for some fundamental aspects. Typically, the two terms are used as synonyms, but they are not . Knowing the one and the other condition is not a simple theoretical exercise.

The difficulty of establishing differences between anxiety and stress is also added to the fact that there are different types of stress and anxiety . Sometimes classification starts from the intensity of the symptoms. For example, it is about chronic stress or generalized anxiety . Other times, however, the various categories of malaise are determined based on the source or trigger factor. For example, working stress or abandonment anxiety.

However, there are elements common to all forms of stress and the same applies to anxiety. To clarify all this,

We Now See The Main Differences Between Anxiety And Stress.

The causes of stress and anxiety are different

In the case of stress, the triggering cause is easily identifiable. It occurs when a person has to face a certain situation, but he does not, or does not believe, to have the resources to do so . The same applies when doing an activity or any other task.

Anxiety, however, has a widespread origin. The threat or danger many times are not identifiable. In fact, in many cases, there is no objective reason for explaining this state of anxiety, but it is equally true. On the other hand, anxiety is very sensitive to conditioning and anticipation and can be a consequence of stress (pressure) .

The emotions that prevail

Another element that distinguishes stress from anxiety concerns the prevailing emotions or feelings. In the case of stress, concern is especially prevalent. It can be defined as a state of nervousness and frustration . It may include irritability and, sometimes, sadness.

In the case of anxiety, the predominant emotion is fear . This is an imminent danger sensation that tends to grow like a snowball that then becomes an avalanche. It is an invasive emotion that extends and lasts, creating great malaise in the mood. Fear leads to perplexity and, in more serious cases, to a real block or paralysis.

The Warning factors

Generally, stress depends on external factors, while anxiety from internal factors . It is not always easy to distinguish one from the other. What makes the difference is the presence of a stimulus alien to the individual or not as appropriate.

The stress is manifested in the presence of specific facts or situations that affect the environment in which you live . It can be work, a particular activity, transfer to a certain place, etc. Anxiety, on the other hand, depends on the person who proves it, which creates and nourishes catastrophic thoughts and anguish sensations, regardless of the surrounding environment.

The perception of time

They say that stress is an excess of present, while anxiety is an overwhelming future. For those under stress, the present seems infinite . He thinks he can not get out of the situation where he feels trapped. He does not see the way to change what worries him. He feels as if he is condemned to suffer the impact of a given stimulus.

In case of anxiety, the person is afraid of what might happen, but that did not happen. This may have occurred, but the person in question has no control over it . Many times he does not even know what it is. It simply anticipates all possible negative or catastrophic things. The anxious man can not be objective towards the present because he lives in function of something “terrible” that will happen or that has happened and fantastic about the consequences without the possibility of intervention.

The disappearance of the symptoms

If what causes stress to a person is the dentist’s visit, once done, the anxiety will disappear. This is a distinctive feature of stress: it disappears when the stimulus is gone, the conflict is over or the difficulty resolves .

Anxiety, on the other hand, tends to persist. Returning to the previous example, if an anxious person goes to the dentist, his fear does not disappear once the visit is over. Imagine you can lose all your teeth or that your problem is just the symptom of a far worse disease that is beginning to develop. Anxiety is fueled by an exaggerated and negative imagination .

Ultimately, knowing the similarities and differences between anxiety and stress is a way to better identify the problem or the malaise that really affects you. If stress lasts long, the ideal would be to ask for help because it means you can not solve a conflicting situation that is hurting you . It is also advisable to consult a specialist if you think you are suffering from anxiety, a fear that seems to have no head or tail.

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