Diablo 3 Season 23: Better Classes, Better Builds – Tier List

In the Diablo 3 season 23 tier list, we show you the best classes, builds, and equipment. Changes in patch 2.7.0 are also taken into account.

What’s going on in Diablo 3? Today, April 2, 2021, Diablo 3 season 23 begins. It runs with the new patch 2.7.0, which mainly revised the companions. All players that start with Season 23 start at “zero”. In this tier list we want to show you which classes and builds have the most potential in S23, that is, which class is the best.

What makes the S23 special? The new patch 2.7.0 brings the biggest changes in years to Diablo 3. Your companions, the villain, the templar and the sorceress, can now wear much more armor and the legendary properties of it are transferred to you. Some of its capabilities have also been updated.

You need to know the tier list for season 23

Who creates the Tier List? For our review article, we compared the tier lists of the biggest and most important Diablo 3 streamers, experts, and YouTubers. These are Rhykker (YouTube), Bluddshed (YouTube), and Raxxanterax (YouTube). Leviathan’s analysis also plays a role on this list. In the interview, the expert named us the 3 best classes of season 23.

We take Rhykker’s list of animals as a basis. He and other top Diablo streamers now use the maxroll.gg website to share their builds.

We include the animal list graphic here in the article. On this page and the following ones, we present you with the top 3 builds for each class and a link to the build. So you can seamlessly recreate them and play in Season 23.

Tier List for Season 23 – Source: Maxroll.gg

What do the levels in the Level List mean? In the tier list you will find categories S to F. Buildings at tier S have the most potential of the current season 23, while those at tier F have the least.

But use this only as a rough guide. The greatest potential still depends on the Paragon points. Those who die long enough will reach higher levels in the Great Rift.

With all of these builds, including level F, you can break through the upper level 70 rifts with no further trouble. You need this milestone to unlock the archaic items. They are among the strongest elements in Diablo 3.

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We show you here: In this and the next 6 pages of the article you will find the three strongest versions of season 23 for each class. If you click on the version name, you will be redirected to the Maxroll.gg website, where the version is located. Detailed with all the elements, precious stones and abilities are presented, as well as runes.

If the tier list changes within Season 23, we will adapt this article for you.

If the abbreviations LoN and LoD appear in builds, they are abbreviations for legacy bonuses. You can get it with a gemstone or a set of rings.

  • LoN: Legacy of Nightmares – Legacy of Nightmares
  • LoD: Legacy of Dreams


  • You need to know the tier list for season 23
  • The 3 best Barbarian builds in season 23
  • The 3 best versions of the Demon Hunter in season 23
  • The 3 best versions of the witch doctor in season 23
  • The 3 best versions of the Crusader in season 23
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The 3 best Barbarian builds in season 23

Source: Battle.net – Fan Art

  • One level:Waste Whirlwind Rend (via maxroll.gg): At this point I’d like to call the catchy tune “Spin to Win” in your head (via YouTube). The humming superior barbarian has been high on the animal charts with this build for several seasons. The gameplay is easy to understand and extremely mobile. Additionally, the Zorn-der-Wasteland set comes as a Haedrig gift starter set. So you can get started quickly.
  • One level:Savage Frenzy (via maxroll.gg): Frenzy is an attack that stacks up to 5 times, increasing attack speed. With it, you cut your way through waves of opponents and especially cut through individual opponents. However, it lacks a bit of AOE damage and the playstyle is heavily dependent on its cooldowns.
  • Tier B:MotE Earthquake (via maxroll.gg) – With this build, you use the earthquake and heat up your opponents with it. You jump through the cracks with it and stomp on the monsters. A style of play that everyone should try. But it doesn’t work as well as a whirlwind.

On the next page you can see the three best versions of the Demon Hunter in Diablo 3 season 23.

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