Demon and exorcism on seven issues

Demon and exorcism discussed on seven issues

1 – Do demons exist?

Yes, they exist. “The existence of spiritual beings, not bodily ones, which Sacred Scripture habitually calls angels is a truth of faith” ¹ . Some of these angels, created good by God, led by Satan, also called the devil, “became evil on their own initiative” ² , therefore, it must be stated that, “in fact, the devil and the other demons were for God naturally good servants, but they themselves became bad ” ³ .

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2 – Can Satan cause all the evils he wants?

No. “The power of Satan is not infinite. He is nothing more than a creature, powerful because he is pure spirit ” 4 , that is, an angel who, like all angels,“ surpasses all visible creatures to perfection ” 5 .

3 – Can the Christian practice yoga?

No. The set of beliefs in yoga is inseparable from Hinduism. Yoga, which literally means “union”, intends to lead man to union with impersonal divinity (enlightenment), through certain rites and invocations (chanting of mantras), to which a “spiritual” effectiveness has been attributed. It is not just about certain relaxation techniques, as many think; they are, in reality, gestures loaded with spiritual meanings, which distance people from the truth and grace that Jesus 6 brought us and open their hearts to diabolical action, as can be seen in so many cases of exorcism.

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4 – Is the devil the instigator of all our sins and the cause of all evils?

No. As Jesus teaches, in the parable of the sower, we are sometimes led to sin by the seductions of the world or by our own evil inclinations. “The devil must not be accused in all the things that happen; in fact, sometimes, man himself makes himself a devil to himself ” 7 .

5 – Can a Christian listen to any type of music?

No. Nowadays, more and more songs have lyrics or melodies that incite sin in several ways. Such songs are unacceptable to anyone who loves and follows Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, there are more and more singers who publicly confess to having made a pact with the devil, and who, during their shows, tax him on explicit worship.

6 – What kind of capacity do angels and demons have?

They have a certain grip on material realities; for example: they can move objects 8  and act on our external or internal senses 9 .

7 – Can the faithful pray the little exorcism of Pope Leo XII?

“It is not lawful for Christian believers to use the formula of exorcism against Satan and apostate angels, contained in the Rite that was published by order of the Supreme Pontiff Leo XIII; much less is it permissible for them to apply the entire text of this exorcism ” 10 . The baptized faithful, although they have the ability to exorcise demons through baptism, as they did in the early centuries of the Church’s life, are currently prohibited from doing so, as it is a delicate ministry that requires special science, prudence and experience, which is why it is currently reserved for bishops or priests appointed by them.


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