Healing by the Word of God

“Jesus gathered his twelve disciples. He conferred on them the power to expel unclean spirits and to cure all evil and disease ”(Mt 10,1). When Jesus sends His disciples on a mission, He already gives them power, because He knows the importance of a man healed of body and soul.

The first cure that Jesus does in the Bible is the deliverance of a man possessed from a demon. The Lord commands that demon to withdraw from that man. Then the enemy immediately obeys Jesus and leaves.

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It is by faith in the Word of the Lord that healing comes to us

In the Bible, the second cure that Jesus does – and He attributes it to a miracle – is the healing of Peter’s mother-in-law, who had a fever. When she is healed by Jesus, she immediately begins to serve the Lord.

If we do all the follow-up of Jesus’ life, the last cure He does is to heal the blind man who was on the road to Jericho, when the Lord was going to Jerusalem to go through the torment of the Cross, where He freed all the slave humanity from the sin and satan.


Here, it is important to remember why healing has to happen: Jesus insists on associating every disease, every physical evil with a demon . And He will say that by being freed from the devil, a person is also healed of all physical evil and spiritual oppression. It is amazing how Jesus liked to show in the Bible that healing is natural when we call on His name. It is natural when we have faith, and it is by faith that we are healed.

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The Word of God will also warn us not to think that we will achieve anything without having faith (cf. Jas 1,6-7). So, if you are sick, you need a sign, a miracle from God, it is by faith that this happens.

It is necessary to leave old life behind

When Bartimaeus, in the middle of the way, begins to shout: “Jesus, son of David, have compassion on me!”, The Lord sends for the blind man. In the midst of that crowd, the only one who saw Jesus was the blind man, and that is a great sign of faith. That blind man’s faith was what made Jesus call him. The man jumped up and left the cover. What does it mean here to “leave the cover”? It is leaving the old life, it is leaving the life of sin. Bartimaeus left all that life of curses that he inherited, already from his mother’s womb, to follow Jesus. And when he came before the Lord, his eyes were open and he was healed.

When Jesus arrives in front of that paralytic, by the pool of Siloam, ask him: “What do you need?” The paralytic replies: “I am here waiting to be healed, waiting for the angel to pass and the wave in the water to happen, so that I can dive and be cured of my paralysis”. But how was he going to jump in the pool if others always before he got into that water? Then, Jesus says: “Go, take your stretcher. You are healed ”. Jesus insists on healing him, because he knows that a person who walks must understand that he needs to walk free of all physical and spiritual evil .


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