The art of overcoming soul demons

The inner demons put us in the face of many temptations

Life is not always an oasis of peace. There are times when we find ourselves lost in a great desert. We can’t see anything. We look and see only the sun and the sand, the heat and the mirages. There are no signs of life that give our hearts the hope of the past. Crossing deserts is not always an easy task, because in it, we come into contact with the most varied temptations born from our most diverse headquarters: discouragement, lack of faith, unbelief, inner revolts, desires for revenge, power, greed, envy . We can say that, in the desert, we are confronted with our inner demons, who are asleep in our hearts, waiting for the right moment to wake up; when they wake up, they can cause enormous destruction in our soul and, consequently, in our life, both human and spiritual.

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Physical and spiritual deserts

God’s people also traveled through many physical and spiritual deserts. However, it was the trust in His mercy and in His love that freed the people from this crossing that often seemed to have no end. This gesture of liberation definitely marked the lives of these people. In freedom, they experienced the concrete love of a God present in the midst of the greatest difficulties of the crossing. This deliverance left deep marks in the history of salvation. Nothing else would be as before. Other deserts would emerge, but they now knew that they were no longer alone. Amid the difficulties of the new crossings of the deserts they were to make, they were quite sure that God was walking with them.

Our lives are marked by deserts. In the midst of these moments, we often feel alone and helpless. It seems that we will never reach the end of the crossing. But it is in the experience of God’s people that we find strength to go on. We are not alone, we are accompanied by the love of God, who guides us constantly and shows us the best way to be followed.

The desert experience also deeply affected the life of Jesus. After being baptized in the Jordan River, He was led by the Spirit into the desert. Forty days of fasting and testing marked this time in the life of Christ.

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In the desert, we get in touch with our deepest desires. To get out of it, we are tempted to accept any offer that guarantees a release. However, many of these proposals are illusory. We could say that they are mirages, because they dissolve quickly. They are not true, but they are based on our desire to overcome difficulties in an easy and superficial way.

Jesus was tempted by the devil. He was asked to satisfy his hunger, but his food was divine. He was tempted to gain power over many earthly kingdoms, but his Kingdom was Heaven. He was tempted to challenge the power of God, but He Himself was God. Christ overcame temptation from His own certainties.

The inner demons

In the desert of life, we are tempted to quench our thirst in many ways, but the water offered to us does not quench our true thirst. The inner demons put us before many temptations and mirages. All of these, however, are illusory. In order not to get lost it is necessary, first, to find yourself.

In Christ and in His Word, we are invited to meet the source of true life. Overcoming the demons of the deserts of life, we will experience liberation in Him who is our Deliverer.


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