Decarbonizing. Cleaning fluid for carburettors and other engine parts; It is also a degreaser and paint cleaner.


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  • 2 Combination with other materials
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Decarbonizer is a cleaning fluid for carburettors and other engine parts; It is also a degreaser and paint cleaner . It is formulated by a variety of chemical products and was invented primarily for cleaning parts by immersion, although today there are cleaning products that are applied as a spray. Contained in 5- gallon metal pails has been presented to the public .

Combination with other materials

Because it is a product that has acids, plastic and other soft materials can be damaged.


The metal parts cleaning process begins with the manual removal of excess grime, grease or dirt, as the case may be, to help the longevity of the product. Next, the pieces, preferably disassembled, are placed in a type of metal strainer known as a basket, which has a high level that remains without being submerged during the process. When the basket with parts has settled to the bottom of the “bucket”, they are left to soak for 10 to 15 minutes to allow the product to work. Then the basket with the pieces is removed and allowed to drain for a few minutes and then they are sprayed with water, preferably with a little pressure to finally dry them.

The decarbonizer is commonly used in mechanical workshops, especially in the process of automotive tunings that include carburetor cleaning .

Preventive considerations

  • It is a corrosive product.
  • It can cause skin damage .
  • It can permanently affect fabrics and colors.


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