Death Stranding guide: general tips and tricks to get started

We help you complete the new work by Hideo Kojima, Death Stranding, with a series of tips and tricks to make the game easier and more understandable.

In this section of the complete guide to Death Stranding we detail a series of tricks and tips to understand the key concepts of the game and start moving around the new world created by Kojima Productions . It is a unique and complex game and that is why we help you not to miss any detail of this title, which premieres the genre of the “Social Strand System”.

Gradually learn to move and complete deliveries successfully

Death Stranding is a very particular game in terms of mechanics and approaches. For this reason, and because there is no tutorial as such, we must gradually learn the fundamentals that make up the gameplay of the title at hand. Here are some tips to get you started.

The first thing we should know is that our protagonist, Sam Porter Bridges, has a “blood” bar and a resistance bar . The first one refers to life, and we can recover it by eating some bugs that we will find on the ground, resting and so on. Find the resistance, it will affect our slowness and balance (some very important aspects for the game). We can recover this by taking energy drinks or resting. In addition, we must watch our encounters with enemies because Sam can lose both life and resistance.

On the other hand, shortly after starting, they will make us deliver various packages both related to the main mission and secondary ones. Here we are going to recommend you to make several small trips instead of a big one, since carrying packages for long distances in rugged terrain will be somewhat complex and the more weight we carry the more the cargo will be jeopardized. In addition, at the beginning of the game we will not have a vehicle , and therefore we will go on foot, thus increasing the risks. Later we can move more easily thanks to the exoskeleton .

Connect and trust other players

Kojima’s work raises a new genre in which we will find connectivity with other players indirectly. We do not need to have contracted the PlayStation Plus system to enjoy online, but we must be with the console connected to the Internet to enjoy all these peculiarities.

In-game they translate into finding various ladders with ropes and bridges left by other players and marked in green on the map. To interact with them we can like and use them to our advantage, in addition to building our own structures to help other players. We recommend you to do so, since this way we will enjoy more of the essence of the game and how it was conceived in addition to facilitating somewhat the progression through the great world of the work.

On the other hand, it is advisable to follow the footprints that we find on the ground, since with this we will help create new paths more accessible to us and other players. That’s right, the more users pass through the same path, the more options there are for it to end up becoming flatter and easier access.

Lastly, it should be noted that increasing connection levels with other players will give us unique rewards such as vehicle blueprints, armor weapons and more. A tip at this point is to take missions from “minor users”, as these will give us quite special rewards such as cosmetics.

Leaving signals to other players

When we do enough in the game we can use a function to leave signals when pressing L1 + triangle. By doing so we can warn other players of dangers, propose the best way to climb a mountain or warn of nearby collectibles , among other options. Some signals can even replenish stamina and give us a speed boost, so it is very useful to stop to read them and propose our own signals to other players.

Be smart with object construction

As we advance a little in the game we can build our own structures and various objects to advance in the game. We recommend not starting to build until we really need it, since if we follow the previous point and trust other players we can find various help items without having to create them ourselves.

On the other hand, as we progress we will also face the problem of carrying too much weight and having to free up space . A recommendation to do so is to throw away the empty containers of grenades, empty bullets and others that we will find marked with red text on our backpack . If we do not want to discard them, we can also recycle them in a terminal of a facility in order to obtain useful materials from it.

Focus on the main story first

Something recommended is to focus on the history of the game before we start exploring the world and fulfill a large number of secondary missions , since the options of the game are very wide and for certain advanced missions we will need to get some special items that we achieve in the progress of the main story. This is something personal that you can fulfill or not, but in our case we prefer to finish the plot of the title first before exploring the innumerable amount of extra options available


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