Complete Death Stranding guide: tricks, tips and walkthrough

We help you complete Hideo Kojima’s new play, Death Stranding, with a series of tips, tricks, and a tour of the game’s history.

The new work of Hideo Kojima is already with us. Death Stranding invites us to explore a wide world, play with special mechanics and discover an interesting story and memorable characters. Due to its “social” and connected game status, you will find help from other players within the game, but given the particularities of the title at hand, many will need some outside help . For this we are here, in order to once again provide a complete guide to the game. Here we leave you a series of useful sections so that you do not miss anything of Death Stranding .

Illustration by YŌJI Shinkawa

General tips and tricks

Here we present a section of general tips and tricks that we have configured after exploring the best ways to proceed in the history of Sam Porter Bridges . You can consult this entry both if you have just started the game and want to discover its foundations as if you have been a few hours but it is costing you to continue with the adventure that they propose. In addition, we also add several entries that will be useful for those who want to find items unique as the hood of otter .

  • General tips and tricks
  • How to take a quick trip
  • Where to find the otter hood

Walkthrough through history

In this section we give you a tour of the main missions of the story as long as you do not get lost in the course of the adventure, you know the best ways to fulfill the deliveries and avoid (or kill) the enemies that we meet by the road. A whole series of tips to help you complete Death Stranding .

  • Prologue: Porter
  • Episode 1: Bridget
  • Episode 2: Amelie
  • Episode 3: Fragile
  • Episode 4: Unger
  • Episode 5: Mama
  • Episode 6: Deadman
  • Episode 7: Clifford
  • Episode 8: Heartman
  • Episode 9: Higgs
  • Episode 10: Die-Hardman
  • Episode 11: Clifford Unger
  • Episode 12: Bridges
  • Episode 13: Sam Strand
  • Episode 14: Lou

Connections: Bridge Links and Carrier Connections

Death Stranding belongs to a new genre created by Hideo Kojima himself: ” Social Strand System “. It is based on connections with other players, not in the traditional way that we understand as multiplayer, but more indirectly. We can receive help and help others through various systems that the game provides us. Below we detail them:

  • Bridge Links and Carrier Connections: What They Are and How They Work
  • Signs: how to use them and best types
  • How to get more “Likes”
  • How to build your own shelters (and share them with other players)

Deliveries and shipments

The main playable functionality of the title is to make deliveries of various packages . Since we will not have a vehicle from the beginning, it will not be easy for Sam to transport a large number of items at the same time. For this reason, we leave below various sections in which these aspects are explored, in addition to a list of the best rewards that we can achieve when making these deliveries.

  • Tips for successful deliveries
  • Types of cargo and how to transport it effectively

Weapons, combat and tools

In the work at hand there is also space for direct confrontation and battles . Although it is not its main point, it is important that you learn to handle yourself and use the grenades that we can create in the game in order to beat the mysterious ghosts called EV that are in Death Stranding and, in general, end with all danger that we find.

  • All weapons in the game: pistols, grenades and more
  • Blood and EX grenades: types and how to use them
  • How to finish off enemy EVs easily
  • Exoskeleton: where to find it and how to improve it

How to move around the world: vehicles and more

The world of Death Stranding is wide and full of nature : wide green meadows, dangerous rocky mountains, mud lakes, etc. This means that there are not too many callsigns to know exactly where is what we are looking for. In the end we will get used to it and as we move forward it will become easier, but that’s what we’re here for. We leave you a series of sections that will help you move through the game world and control vehicles and their possibilities .


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