How to get and upgrade a vehicle in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

We detail the method to get a vehicle and how to improve and customize it in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot to return to previous episodes.

Goku and the rest of the Z Warriors have the ability to fly and move at great speed through the wide scenarios of the map. Even so, there will be occasions when we prefer to opt for another type of transport and therefore we need a vehicle to move more calmly and enjoy the known scenarios thanks to the saga. Therefore, we will tell you in detail how to get our own car and what method exists in the game to improve it and customize it to our liking. All this and more as part of this complete guide to Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.


How to get and improve a vehicle

If we want to get our own vehicle we have to advance enough in the main story of the game in order to see the scene in which Goku and Piccolo take off their driving license . Once this is done, we can visit Bulma at the Capsule Corporation in order to create our own vehicles and then customize and improve them. In addition to cars , we can also create biped vehicles that resemble a kind of futuristic motorcycle.

In order to build these vehicles we will need a series of materials such as metals and special pieces that will indicate us in each case. Finding them is quite simple if we start exploring the various scenarios of the world and obtain minerals (throwing Ki balls at the stones and mineral veins that we find) and all kinds of rewards when carrying out side missions and talking to Master Roshi after having trained .

As for the improvement of these vehicles , they will ask us for other types of parts as long as Bulma can build on this first prototype and improve it to obtain more speed among other useful parameters when it comes to racing against the clock or simply enjoying a motorized ride .


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