Death Stranding Guide – Quick Travel: How To Use It

We help you complete Hideo Kojima’s new play, Death Stranding, with a series of tips, tricks, and more to use fast travel effectively.

Given the nature of Death Stranding, we will have to spend several hours walking and moving around the wide map of the game. When we take a few walks we will ask ourselves: can you make a quick trip? Indeed, although we won’t be able to until we get to Chapter 3: “Fragile ” of the main story. Therefore, in the early stages of the game we will have to go on foot or on a motorcycle (when we unlock it in episode 2 ). To do this we already gave you a few tips on how to transport packages in the best possible way. As for the topic at hand, fast travel , we detail how to do it as part of this complete guide .

How to Take a Quick Trip in Death Stranding

Fragile is the key. Thanks to a special kind of bracelet that he gives us at the beginning of Chapter 3, we will be able to return to the places that we have already connected to the UCA network. For this reason, we cannot travel freely throughout the game map, but fast travel will be restricted to those larger and more relevant facilities that have shelters, in addition to those that we or other users build . As for how to make the trip yes, it is very simple. We must be in our private room and observe the umbrella that Fragile left between the shower and the armor. Once we select it, we can choose the destination we want to transport to and we will get there without further delay.

Something to keep in mind is that the objects we carry will not come with us , so they will be automatically stored in our private locker (from the original facility). This mechanic is there to prevent us from scrolling with packages in tow, as that would take all the fun out of the gameplay. Also, we cannot travel fast from anywhere but is restricted to private rooms , so walking and driving is still our primary method of transportation.


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