Dead or Alive 6 guide, tips and tricks

Welcome to our guide to Dead or Alive 6 . Here you will find the tips to know all the options and learn the basics of its combat system, which brings some news regarding Dead or Alive 5.

We will also review the unlockables and the best way to get the in-game currency, which allows you to purchase various customization extras.

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Tips to start playing: a review of the modes


It is a mode that alternates cinematics with one-round matches. Instead of following a linear story, we are unlocking chapters that affect the entire template . There is a main plot where the most important characters participate, but there are other fighters with less transcendent stories with gags or not very dramatic confrontations.

This mode, which can take 2-3 hours, allows us to test the entire squad. If you are a newbie in DOA it will help you to see their different styles before opting for your favorite.


DOA Mission

One of the best single player modes . It consists of almost a hundred missions, which are battles with three objectives; Depending on the number of stars, more missions are unlocked, money is earned and even patterns or other types of extras to customize.

It also serves to learn new things from combat, since winning the game is not enough. These targets can ask for a combo that overcomes certain damage, hit the opponent while moving or deflect blows. If you leave any objective unsuccessful, the game will indicate a tutorial with which to learn how to overcome that challenge.


A series of classic modes.

  • Versus: Showdown against artificial intelligence or another player locally. It includes the typical options to choose the stage, number of rounds, time, etc.
  • Arcade: a series of confrontations against artificial intelligence. There are several levels of difficulty, but final videos are not unlocked here. Useful to put our skill into practice.
  • Time Trial: Similar to arcade mode, but our goal is to achieve victory in the shortest time possible.
  • Survival: endure the greatest number of battles before falling.


Do you want to learn to play? This is the right place.

  • Free Training: Select players, stage, and test moves against a static or moving opponent. With typical options to analyze button presses, see list of commands, etc.
  • Tutorial: a summary of the common actions for the entire template. It should be our first stop in the game, whether you’re a DOA veteran or not.
  • Command Training: A series of movements by each fighter, much more practical than seeing a simple list of attacks. Can you execute all these movements? What are your favorites?
  • Combo Challenge: Similar to command training, but focused on each character’s combos. When you have mastered the basics, it is time to learn the best attack chains so that your enemy does not have reaction time.


Multiplayer mode, which includes ranked games . Select your fighter and skin, search for matches and face players of a similar level to yours.

It is recommended to spend some time with offline modes before participating in multiplayer.

DOA Central

A series of galleries and customization modes.

  • Wardrobe: edit each fighter choosing his suit, hairstyle, glasses and titles. You can save up to seven customization slots to quickly choose the combination you like best. As the costume downloadable content expands, this mode will become more interesting.
  • Database: a record of your achievements. Playing time, classification, titles obtained, percentage of completed tutorials …
  • Cinema: Review your saved replays.
  • Music: Customize the music that plays in the menus and the confrontations with a large selection of themes that you will unlock. There is music from ancient Dead or Alive.
  • Library– Descriptions of characters, locations, and other important details from the plot of Dead or Alive. Refresh your memory with the events of the saga to better understand the story mode.


Configure the general settings – degree of violence, placement of interface elements -, buttons, sound volume, etc.

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You can also give priority to the rate of images per second –so that it reaches 60 fps more easily- or the graphic quality –resolution-. In the PC version you will have more graphic adjustments.

Stun System : Learn how to immobilize your opponent with stun attacks.

Initial appearances : A review of the costumes you can get in the game.

Breakout system : We tell you how the new system works to activate the most powerful techniques of attack and defense.

Unlock content : Get new looks for the template, accessories or music.

Season Pass : We tell you what your first season pass includes.


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