Far Cry New Dawn guide: tips, tricks and secrets

Welcome to our guide to Far Cry: New Dawn . Here you will find everything you need to know to safely explore dangerous Hope County , and confront the Robbers and their dangerous leaders: Mickey and Lou.

We will explain where to find all the collectibles, how to improve your weapons, where to find your comrades in arms, how to improve your character, how to rebuild Prosperity, the base of operations, and thus obtain a multitude of advantages.

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Tips to start playing

These are some basic tips and considerations that you should have in your first hours with Far Cry: New Dawn :

  • Collect all the objects and materials you find byexploring the scenarios and visiting each building you find. These materials will take you to build new weapons , something basic to progress in the adventure.
  • Whenever you can storm and take an enemy positiondo so , as they provide you with one of the most valuable resources in the game: ethanol . We need this to improve Prosperity, the base of operations, and it is not optional, since it is a couple of occasions in history that force you to improve it in order to progress.
  • One of the first facilities you should upgrade in Prosperity is Expeditions, as it unlocks your quick trip to freed posts (level 1) and locations (level 2), something basic if you don’t want to take unnecessary long walks.
  • When you have taken a stand you can loot it; You will get extra ethanol, and more difficult enemies will come, increasing the rewards of that position. If you take multiple stalls, release them and conquer them again, you will get huge sums of ethanol.
  • In this Far Cryboth enemies and animals have a level of difficulty or experience (1, 2, 3 and elite), and your weapons also have an indicated level, so to face level 2 enemies, we will need level weapons 2, although if we fight with level 1 weapons we can also defeat them, but it will be a harder combat. If you try to face level 3 enemies with level 1 weapons you will have nothing to do.
  • To improve your character you need talent points, and these are obtained by performing challenges , but also in the 10 scavenger hunts. The challenges are varied and some quite simple, from a certain number of enemies with each type of weapon to hunting three animals of each class. Take a look at the list of challenges to see which are the easiest and most achievable in the first hours of the adventure.
  • When it comes to spending talent points to improve the character, there are talents that are a higher priority than others. For example, we recommend that you first unlock the hook , which allows you to reach otherwise inaccessible areas, or the torch , in order to open safes. Keep in mind that certain talents can be unlimitedly improved, such as increases in being able to carry a certain number of ammunition, first-aid kits or the ability to sprint.
  • Don’t go crazy looking for collectibles or other resources: in the Prosperity cartographysection we can buy maps that indicate the exact position of all these objects.

News regarding Far Cry 5

Far Cry: New Dawn is a direct sequel to Far Cry 5 , and takes place on the same stage 17 years later. Therefore its gameplay is very similar, and if you have played the previous installment you will feel at home. Even so, there are several news and changes that you should take into account :


  • The difficulty of the enemies and animalsis indicated by a number from 1 to 3, and a fourth called elite (yellow with a crown), so look at the level of your weapons, and you will know if you can face those dangers.
  • In this installment we can only be accompanied by a hired gunman, one of the comrades controlled by the AI, unlike Far Cry 5 , where we could take two.
  • The ethanolis the most important resource of this release and is achieved by releasing enemy positions. Every time you have a position at hand, buy it, since you will need ethanol, even to progress in the adventure.
  • Stalls can be taken, looted, and freed, bringing harder enemies and bigger rewards, something you can do unlimitedly with the game’s 30 stalls.
  • In this installment we cannot control air vehicles suchas planes or helicopters and fly freely through the stages.
  • In this installment, the canine companion, this time Timber, does accompany us in the vehicles .
  • Expeditionsare a new type of mission that takes us out of Hope County and offers us rich rewards. They can also be played cooperatively with a friend, via the internet.
  • Be careful when taking some enemy vehicles, they may have traps. If you take a car from an enemy and start to whistle, get off and run, because it will explode.

All content from Far Cry: New Dawn

These are all the contents that you will find in the new Far Cry :

  • 22 Story Missions:The missions of the campaign or main story.
  • 8 Side Missions:Secondary and non-mandatory quests to finish the story, but which sometimes have significant rewards, such as unlocking comrades-in-arms. Also included here are the two collectible quests.
  • 30 Posts:The enemy camps that we can take and liberate as many times as we want, each time with more difficult enemies and greater rewards. Taking camps is how we get ethanol, the most valuable resource in the game.
  • 10 Treasure Hunts:Places where we will earn significant rewards in the form of materials and talent points. To get to these sites we will have to go through small sections of paltaformeo and even puzzles.
  • 21 Expeditions:Special missions outside Hope County, where we have to get there, grab a backpack and escape by helicopter. There are seven different locations, with three levels of difficulty each.
  • 5 Specialists:They are characters that we recruit for Prosperity and thus be able to improve the facilities. To advance at certain moments in history will be necessary.
  • 8 Gunmen for hire:Carrying out certain side missions we will recruit these characters who can fight alongside us.
  • 30 Talents:These are the different skills that we can unlock to improve our character, through talent points.
  • 105 Challenges:These are challenges such as killing a number of enemies or animals, or performing very specific actions, which reward us with talent points to improve our character.
  • 9 Photographs:One of the game’s collectibles. We have to find some places on the stages with a camera, take a photograph in our hands (we have previously obtained them in Prosperity), and point it towards the stage, until we have recreated the scene.
  • 10 Music Players:One of the collectibles is always found inside a building or house.
  • 101 Places to loot:They are places of the scenarios such as caves, houses or all kinds of facilities with a number of objects that we can loot. When we have collected all the piles of materials that are in that place, they will give them to us as looted.

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How to build the best weapons – Elite weapons : We tell you how to build more powerful weapons to face the most difficult enemies, including elite weapons, the most lethal and difficult to obtain.

Treasure Hunts : Where to find them and how to reach the 10 Treasure Caches, with which you will receive succulent rewards in the form of resources and talent points.

Photographs : We explain where to find the 9 places in the photographs and thus complete this collectible and the mission ‘A Thousand Words’.

Music players : We explain where to find the 10 music players to expand the Radio Survivor station and thus overcome the ‘Audiophile’ mission.

Trophy and Achievement Guide : Want to get all the Far Cry: New Dawn achievements and trophies? We detail them all and explain how to get some of the most difficult ones, which require very specific actions.


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