Kingdom Hearts 3 Guide – Cheats, Collectibles and Secrets

Welcome to our Kingdom Hearts 3 guide , where we will discover how to become true Masters of the Keyblade so that not one of its secrets is resisted.

History and worlds

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Once again, Sora and the rest of the chosen ones of the Keyblade face Xehanort, the Seeker of Darkness . This is the last meeting between Light and Darkness, and in our guide without spoilers we will tell you everything you need to know to complete the game. The big question, of course, is who will win , of course.

Xehanort’s grand plan is nearing completion, and Sora and Riku’s mission to find Ventus, Terra, and Aqua is key to keeping the situation from spiraling out of control.


  • Prologue: As always, the game begins at the Station of Awakening.
  • El Oimpo: for the first time, we will visit the world of Hercules beyond the gates of the Colosseum.
  • The Kingdom of Darkness: Riku and King Mickey are in a familiar place, looking for someone.
  • Twilight Villa: a classic place in the saga, which we will visit looking for answers.
  • Toy Box: The world of Toy Story 3 has also been invaded by the forces of Darkness.
  • Kingdom of Corona: In the world of Tangled, Darkness is not the only evil that lurks.
  • Monstruópolis: Mike and Sully will help us on our journey through the world of Monstruos SA
  • Arendelle: Elsa, Olaf and other characters accompany us on our journey through the world of Frozen.
  • The Caribbean: CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow accompanies us in the seas of Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • San Fransokyo: The Big Hero 6 team also needs the help of Sora, Donald, and Goofy.
  • The Kingdom of Darkness, second visit: We never knew, but it was a long time ago that we were closer to the truth than we thought.
  • Hundred Acre Forest: Take a breather with Winnie the Pooh.
  • Necropolis of the Keyblades: a disastrous place, where the cruellest of battles took place, sees the light again.
  • Scala ad Caelum The final battle will take place in an ancient place of power for the bearers of the Keyblade.


In this section we will tell you all the things that can be done once you have finished the story of Kingdom Hearts 3 : what you may have missed, content that is only available from this point on … The kind of things that do not only require high level, but have advanced enough to meet the challenge itself.

  • Secret Boss: Dark Hell is a fearsome enemy, find out where he is and how to defeat him.
  • Epilogue and Secret Ending: As always, there are secret sequences to watch at the end of the game. We tell you how to enjoy them.
  • Battle Portals The most demanding combat challenges await at certain points in the worlds.


As in previous installments, the game asks us to find a series of collectibles to be able to complete it 100%. This time, however, you won’t have to go looking for trios of colors or Dalmatians. The thing is something more … well, something more serious, although always focused within the world of Disney.

If you want to complete the entire game we will tell you where you can find all the collectibles .

  • Fortune teller: you must take a series of photographs of figures that remind us of the silhouette of Mickey Mouse.
  • Treasures: You have to open all the treasure chests, hidden in the width and length of all the worlds.
  • Classic Kingdom Games: Remember the little Game & Watch machines? Here we will have to find a couple of tens and play all of them.


The goldsmith moguris are back. Completing all its sections will not be easy, but in our Goldsmithing section we will tell you everything you need to know to make the experience easier. You should know that this time, things will not be as complicated as other times .

However, it is again necessary to get recipes and find many materials , so to avoid problems we have prepared this section in which we will tell you everything you need to know about:

  • All the materials, how and where to get them: without cheating or cheating for you to click, we tell you how to get each and every one of the objects in the game.
  • How to get Orichalcum +: Special mention for the item needed to create the Artema Weapon .
  • Objects that can be created and how to know which ones you have created: to complete the section of the Gumiphone you need to create all the possible objects, so we list all of them in full for you to keep a record.
  • Photomissions: in order to create all the objects we will have to complete these photographic missions for the moguris.


Minichef, the charming character from Ratatouille , has arrived at Villa Twilight to open a restaurant. So that you do not have problems with a section that can be done very uphill, we tell you everything you need to know about the Kitchen section .

In this installment we are going to have to have a good time between the stoves if we want 100% , so we need to know a few things:

  • How to cook dishes: everything you need to know so that things are not so complicated when it comes to getting an Excellent!
  • Necessary recipes and ingredients: all the dishes and ingredients you need to be able to cook them.
  • Ingredients and where to get them: as with the materials, no clickbaits or names passed by google translator. Here you have the complete list of ingredients and the places where you can get units of each one of them.
  • The 7 Fantastic ones: there are a few mini-games that involve special flans, and from them we will get the special ingredients .

Sword keys

A Keyblade Master does not only have a weapon. Are you curious to know how to get them all? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you all about the sword keys .

We are not going to limit ourselves to simply explaining how to get all the weapons , but we will tell you the secrets of each one of them. To avoid problems with the matter, here we will explain:

  • Keyblades from the main game: Most Keyblades are within our reach just by finishing certain parts of the story, and here we will tell you how to get hold of all of them.
  • Sword Keys from DLCs: There are three completely exclusive Sword Keys depending on the platform or the store where we have reserved the game. They cannot be achieved in any other way.
  • Artema Weapon: Artema is once again the most powerful Keyblade in the game, and although this time it will not do you much good when you have it, we will tell you how to get hold of it.
  • Accurate Shots: Each Keyblade has at least one deadly special attack. Here we will tell you not only how they work, but how to use all the Accurate Shots, including the secrets .

Gumi ship

Knowing how to operate the Gumi Ship effectively is important to travel safely from world to world. Don’t worry, we have everything ready to tell you everything you need to know. Beware, the legendary Donut of Death is no longer valid , but it is still possible to create really lethal things.

In this section we are going to tell you the following things:

  • Basics: The Gumi ship system has changed and you better understand what it takes to start playing.
  • Star Pearls: While exploring space you are interested in finding huge spheres that hide great treasures.
  • Constellations Get photos of certain groups of stars to unlock special ship plans.
  • How to get the best ship: there is a ship infinitely more powerful than all the others and, last but not least, it is very easy to get it . So we will not go around with construction nonsense and we will tell you how to get it.
  • Schwarzgeitz: We tell you how to find one of the secret bosses of the game and how to defeat them.
  • Omega: The legendary secret boss of the Final Fantasy saga isalso part of the bosses for the Gumi ship.


As always, Kingdom Hearts III offers us the possibility of interacting with characters from the Disney world and spending time with some mini-games . In addition, by completing them we will get various Trophies / Achievements and rewards , so they will be useful for your adventure.

So to avoid giving you a lot of headaches, we explain in text and video everything you need to know about all the mini-games in Sora’s latest story.

  • Miniature Games of The 7 Fantastic: you will need to achieve a minimum score in each to get an Orichalcum +.
  • Solar Dance: In the Kingdom of Corona, Rapunzel and the villagers invite us to dance.
  • Verum Rex Get on a mecha and smash enemies in the world of Toy Story 3.
  • Hundred Acre Forest: Do you like Candy Crush? Well, here is the … Vegetable Crush. Or something like that.
  • Alpine Glide: Climb the Goofy Shield and head down the slope from Elsa’s Palace at Arendelle. You will get an Orichalcum + if you complete it 100%.
  • Cazaluz: it’s your turn to demonstrate your agility in the world of Big Hero 6.


If you want to complete the game 100% , you will have to complete the entire section of the Gumiphone . For the veterans of the saga, this part replaces the Diary of Pepito from other times, so you will already know what you are looking for, the Mickey brand in each of the sections of the phone.

Each of the following links will give you all the information (links to other sections of the guide with the necessary information, direct advice if necessary, etc.) to complete:

  • Portafortuna: you will have to find everyone to give you the mark of completion.
  • Classic Kingdom Games: You have to find all the mini games and play at least once to complete this part.
  • Story: This section will automatically complete as long as you complete all the game worlds.
  • Glossary: a section of general terms that will be filled in by itself.
  • Secret Reports: There are 13 documents that give us a lot of information about what was going on behind the scenes … and what could happen in the future.
  • Character sheets: 3D models and brief biographies of all the characters in the game, which will be added as you progress through the story.
  • Adversaries: if you want to complete this section you will have to hit at least once with all the enemies in the game. Don’t worry, there is a trick to do it quickly.
  • Treasures: Obviously, just open all the chests in the game to complete this part.
  • Recipe Book: Minichef and his entire recipe book separate us from this brand of completion.
  • Goldsmithing: it will take you a long time to complete this section, since you must manage to make all the objects in the game, which in turn requires getting all the materials, completing the Photomissions …
  • Records: the longest section of the Gumiphone. They ask us for everything from Accurate Shots to using all the Attractions, Summons, etc.

Frequent questions

For those common doubts, we have a few things to tell you:

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  • Initial choices: choosing well at the beginning can have decisive effects in the future.
  • The Leviathan: we tell you what you should know about your pirate ship.
  • Hercules’ Five Golden Dolls: A child wants to have lots of toys and will reward us for it.

Tips to start playing

  • At the beginning of the game, when you are made to decide the type of person you want to be, we recommend you choose the Vitalityoption in the first choice. For the second, Guerrero is our favorite option. With this configuration you will have a great vitality to withstand many hits and your attacks and combos with the keyblade will remove large amounts of life. Plus, it won’t take long for you to learn some of the game’s most important skills, like “One More Time” or “Last Death Rattle.”
  • Don’t underestimate the power of summons. In this game they will heal our whole life and that of our companions when we use them, so they can turn out to be much more useful than magic Heals. Also, most are very useful and will allow us to do good amounts of damage with some security.
  • Improve your favorite Sword Keys whenever you can, since they will make your adventure much easier when they are at a high level.
  • Explore the scenarios in depth, they are full of interesting secrets and with great rewards, including nodes to get ingredients, chests to open and Fortune tellers to photograph.
  • If you press the triangle / Y button in the equipment menu on an object that you have equipped, you will activate the autorecharge. In this way, if you use that item during combat, at the end of it it will be automatically replenished in case you have more units in your inventory, so you will not have to open the menu to reload potions every time you use a .
  • Always try to keep a Kupomoneda in your inventory. You can buy them in the moguri stores for 400 platines and they will save you once from death in the event that your health drops to zero.
  • “Last Death Rattle” and “Once Again”are must-have skills. Prioritize them as soon as you learn them as they will always keep you one hit point in case you have at least two hit points when you take a hit or even a combo.
  • Be careful when using an attraction. Even if they don’t look like it, they don’t make you invulnerable and you can still take hits, so use them with some caution.
  • Transform your Keyblade whenever you canduring combat. When they take their superior forms, they can cause real destruction among the enemy troops.
  • Similarly, do not hesitate to use the Team skills whenever your teammates request it, since it is “free damage” that you will do without hardly exposing yourself to the rival’s offensive. In some cases, this can also help us gain some time while we wait for our magic points to recharge.
  • Although it is very spectacular, we recommend that you deactivate in the options menu the function that allows the camera to adopt cinematographic shotsduring combat, since it tends to disorient us.
  • The best places to level up are the battle arenasthat we will unlock after passing the history of the game, so it is recommended that you leave the “farmeo” for that moment.
  • The dishes that minichef prepares are very useful and will enhance us considerably, so try to always have a good menu ready when you are going to face a challenging challenge.


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