What Is Darts Game;Scoring,Rules And Fixtures.

DartsDarts is essentially a game of the England, and public house, played on a round board divided by wires into 20 triangular sections of equal size, higher numbers sandwiched between low ones. A dart in the narrow wired outer circle counts I double the points scored by a plain throw into the section, and a throw into a narrow wired I circle halfway between the outer ring and the I bull’s-eye counts treble the number. The bull’s I eye consists of two small concentric circles I counting 25 and 50 points respectively.

Variations in rules and upon this basic design of I board occur in different dists. The board is t placed so that the centre is 5 ft. 8 in. from the ground and the throwing line is drawn 9 ft from c the board. The player who throws nearest the I centre has first turn, a turn consisting of 3 D. thrown in succession. In doubles, players of 5 opposing sides throw in order and alternately.

The method of scoring is by subtraction from the target total—normally 301 for singles and 501 for doubles. A side must score a ‘double’—that is, lodge a dart in the outer ring—before beginning to score, and must also finish on a double or a bull, achieving the exact target score. If a player scores more or one less than the target his turn is over, and his score during it is not counted. Under some rules he must at his next turn try for the score he required immediately before he threw the dart which ‘broke’ the target.

There are many variations of basic D., among the most popular being Round the Clock and Shanghai. In Round the Clock all play against all, with 4 D. to the turn, starting on a double, then throwing to place one dart in each segment from I to 20, one in the bull and finish on a treble. A player scoring with the last dart of his turn has another turn of 4 D. Shanghai is played round the board from I to 20, each player scoring as many as possible in each segment with his 3 D. Whether or not a score is made in the section aimed at, a player throws for the next section on the following turn. Highest score for the full circuit wins.

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