What Is Dalmatian Dog:The dog with Playful And Playful Spots

Dalmatian DogDalmatian Dog, spotted carriage dog, originally kept in stables. It is active and muscular, a good runner and a fine watch dog. Its colour should be pure white, with round black or liver colored spots, bold and evenly distributed over its body. The spots vary from the size of a sixpence to the size of a florin.

The puppy is b. white, and it is some days before the spots appear. The spots on the head, tail and limbs are smaller than those on the rest of the body.

Its other points are: head long, with a flat skull, and quite free from wrinkles; muzzle long and powerful; eyes set fairly wide apart, bright and intelligent, black or dark brown in the black-spotted variety, yellow or bright brown in the liver-spotted variety; cars thin, well spotted and rather small, carried close to the head; nose black or dark brown, according to its other markings; forelegs perfectly straight; hind legs with hocks well let down; feet round and cat-like; tail well spotted, long and tapering, carried with an upward curve; coat short, thick and glossy. The average weight of a dog is 55 lb, of a bitch 50 lb.; height 20 to 24 in.

What Is Dalmatian Dog;What Does It Do?


Well balanced dog. slightly longer than tall. with distinct spots. strong. muscular and active. Symmetrical in the profiles. without coarseness and heaviness. and like the ancient ‘carriage dog’: capable of great resistance and good speed.


Rather long. flat skull. quite wide between the ears. moderately pronounced stop. always black truffle in black spots. always brown in dogs with liver spots. long snout. powerful and never pointed. clean lips not hanging. strong jaws with perfect and regular scissor closing. The eyes are placed rather spaced. of medium size. round. luminous. with an intelligent and lively expression, dark brown in cases with black and light brown spots up to amber in those with liver spots:


inserted rather tall. of medium size. rather wide at the base. tightly adherent to the head. they gradually shrink to a rounded tip.


Approximately reaches the hock. is strong at the base and thins to the tip: inserted neither too high nor too low. at rest it is leaning bearing with a slight upward curve of its last third. moving it is carried slightly above the dorsal line. but never gaiamente or rolled up.


The front legs are perfectly straight. with strong round bones. moderately oblique shoulder. clean and muscular. elbows adherent to the body not turned outwards. nor inwards. strong. slightly snappy: the hind legs are rounded. muscular. clean. seen from behind the limbs are vertical and parallel, well-angled knee sturdy leg. strong hock  well-angled.

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