If cutting is a sin? How to break free from self-mutilation?

Yes, cutting is a sin but God loves you and wants to set you free . Jesus has the peace you are looking for in self-harm. Cutting yourself is very dangerous for your health and is not the solution to your problems.

What is self-mutilation?

Self-mutilation is to cut your body on purpose to inflict pain. There are many reasons why some people cut themselves. Some of these reasons are:

  • Why can’t they express their emotional pain
  • It is a pain that they understand and know how to treat (unlike their feelings)
  • To punish themselves
  • To escape or feel some control over their lives

But cutting yourself is very dangerous for your health. You can die bleeding or with an infection in the wounds. Self-mutilation may offer a temporary solution but it will not solve the problems you are having. Cutting easily becomes an uncontrolled and very dangerous addiction.

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What does the Bible say about cutting yourself?

God does not want you to destroy your body ( 1 Corinthians 6: 19-20 ). He loves you! God has the power to solve your problems, restore your life and free you from the desire to cut yourself.

Cutting yourself is an act of destruction. You think you have control, but the desire to cut yourself is actually controlling you. This desire does not come from you; it comes from the devil , who wants to destroy you ( John 10:10 ). But Jesus wants to give you life and hope!

Jesus understands what you are going through. He was rejected, made fun of, and people didn’t understand him. Jesus suffered a lot but he overcame everything and can help you overcome it too ( Hebrews 2:18 ). He knows you, understands your situation and loves you very much.

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Jesus has already taken the punishment. He was wounded and his blood was spilled to save you. He died for you to be healed ( Isaiah 53: 5 ). The blood of Jesus has already paid for all your sins. You don’t need to pour yours.

Self-mutilation brings only temporary relief. Jesus brings real relief. Jesus’ peace is deeper and more permanent than any other solution ( John 14:27 ). Jesus has the power to heal your physical and emotional wounds. Where there seems to be no solution, Jesus will bring restoration.

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How to stop cutting me?

First, if you have not yet accepted Jesus as your savior, pray for forgiveness for your sins and recognize that you need Jesus to save you from your problem, sin and hell. Believe in Jesus and you will be saved ( Romans 10: 9-10 ).

Understand that the desire to cut yourself comes from the devil to destroy you. Reject the influence of the devil in your life and declare that you will only accept the truth of Jesus, who loves you and wants to give you life ( James 4: 7 ). Whenever you feel the urge to cut yourself, reject that lie of the devil! The solution is in Jesus, not self-mutilation.

Throw the blade away. If you believe that Jesus is the solution, you will no longer need the blade to cut yourself. Throwing the blade away is an act of faith. To be really free, you need to get rid of the blade you use to cut yourself.

Don’t isolate yourself. You are not in this fight alone. Look for a church and talk to a pastor or trusted leader ( Hebrews 10:25 ). God uses other believers to help us.

Attention! In some cases, it may take time to stop cutting yourself. But don’t despair! Jesus loves you and will never abandon you, even if you have relapses ( Isaiah 41:10 ). Continue to trust Jesus’ power and it will help you to be free.

Summing up:

  1. Believe in Jesus
  2. Reject the devil’s influence
  3. Throw away the blade
  4. Seek help
  5. Do not give up

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