Cuphead: 7 Fun Facts About the Game

Hello everyone! In this blog, I want to tell you seven fun facts about Cuphead. I am sure you will find something new for yourself here

Fact 1: Trilogy

In an interview in 2014, the developers announced that Cuphead will be a trilogy, though not with the help of individual games, but thanks to DLC. It is not known if this idea is relevant now. At that time, the plans were much more modest. After all, after E3 2015, the developers realized that ten bosses would not be enough and decided to leave the main place and re-mortgage the houses in order to increase the scale of the game. Surely the plot has gone through a lot of changes.

Information from the interview

Fact 2: Thank you Microsoft

In 2013, the first teaser for Cuphead was published. It received positive reviews, although there were several complaints about the stripe effect and music.

First teaser

The game did not attract much attention then. It wasn’t until some time later that Microsoft turned its attention to Cuphead. In 2014, she cut indie games for the E3 show, and there was a 4 second cuphead. It may seem that 4 seconds is very little, but it turned out to be more than enough to stand out from other games in a two-minute video. Take a look for yourself.

Here’s a black and white game

Further “Earthlock” with a very unsuccessful cut, from which nothing to understand, except for the ending with a beetle


And then suddenly a bat with a thallus face flutters across the screen

And then the blue drop tries to give a pendel to the cup

And all this in a very unusual style. Then the game was noticed and the news about the cupheads rolled like a snowball.

Fact 3: Best Game Journalist

How can you talk about cuphead without mentioning the world’s best gaming journalist Dean Takahashi, who has over 20 years of experience in the gaming industry. A month before the release of the game, Dean had the opportunity to play cuphead. Well, he tried and got through the training with great difficulty. No, well, what do you want, the game is hardcore. Dean got to the post and couldn’t get over it.

How to jump over this?

He really tried, tried to jump over the post from the ground, off the cube, did quick jumps from the jump, without jumping, squatted near the post, near the cube, just stood, and even shot once, but it didn’t help. The pillar did not seem to let itself pass. After 85 seconds, he did it. Then the usual level began, and the poor fellow suffered for 20 minutes. Of course, gamers could not pass by this wonderful video, the journalist was trolled in full.


Journalist walkthrough

However, not everyone took this case with humor. You see, Dean is not your average player who just posted a bad playthrough. He is a journalist and one of his duties is to review games. Such a passage is more than unacceptable for the reviewer, so some wrote him threats in the style of “Make a review on the cuphead, and I’ll smash your face”, called him mentally retarded and offered to kill himself. In the end, Dean wrote an article in which he publicly apologized for the poor play. If you read it, you even feel a little sorry for the guy. The main message of the article was that he does not play games well, but understands them well and provides evidence.

Excerpt from the article

Colleagues also stood up for him with the words “Games like cupheads are not his specialty, he does not know how to play platformers.” I agree that everyone has a different skill. For example, I am very bad at shooters and practically do not play them, but when I run out of ammunition I don’t run around with the words, “why did I stop shooting abruptly? Is the gun broken? How to fix it? Looking for a workshop? ” If you think I’m exaggerating, then check out the gameplay of Dean, who took a while to realize that the enemy does not die if you jump on him. How did it come to him at all? Okay, this topic can go on forever. Let’s go further.

Fact 4: Mobile Cuphead

In December 2017, the cuphead was released on IOS and cost only $ 5. The mobile version of the game had clumsy animations and terrible performance. Many could not continue the game at all after the introduction. When they came to the developers with the question “why is the game on iPhones so awful?” they replied “we didn’t release anything,” after which they made a public statement that the game in the AppStore is nothing more than a scam and has nothing to do with them. The fake, of course, was removed from sale, but the question is brewing, how did she even manage to get into the apple store, and even with such a disgusting quality? Apple is famous for its meticulous requirements for applications and games, but here it missed the unfinished pirate. How could this happen?

There are many theories, one of them says that the cuphead developers at one time really wanted to port the game to mobile devices and entered into an agreement with one company. This is normal practice. Many people do not port games themselves, but through another company that has experience in this. But they failed, the quality turned out to be poisonous and the game was canceled. But the company trying to port the cuphead in the end decided to put the developments in the Apple store. Yes, this is just a theory based on the words of an anonymous source, but it still rings true. Although the game was a curve, some levels were still playable. And getting to the store is not very difficult if you have a contract on hand, even if it is already invalid. It takes time to create even such a craft, and preferably the source code. Why put so much effort into porting a game that doesn’t belong to you? Of course, you will be banned anyway or not at all, and all the work is in vain. Mobile fakes appear often, but it is strange that a fraudulent port of a popular game in Apple stores would come out.


Illegal version

The developers have officially stated that the cuphead cannot be ported to mobile phones in its current form. If the game is ever released on mobile phones, it will be created from scratch. Currently, there are no such plans, but they do not deny the fact that maybe one day, in the distant future, they will make a game for mobile phones. But it is not exactly.

Fact 5: Thanks again, Microsoft

Development of Cuphead began in 2010 and was due to be released in 2014, but the scale of the work was underestimated. The developers were still perfectionists and tried to do everything as correctly as possible, which led to constant transfers of the game. In the end, it only came out thanks to Microsoft’s tough deadline. The developers were confronted with the fact that the release should take place on September 29, 2017. In order to be in time, I had to sleep at a minimum for the last 4 months before the release and work at a maximum at a frantic pace. But in the end, they made the dream game exactly what they imagined. Who knows, if it weren’t for Microsoft, Cuphead might still be in development.

Fact 6: Replay again

A strange bug was noticed right after the release of the game. Saves could just disappear. Imagine, you play for your own pleasure, then you quit the game, after a while you come back, but there are no saves. Fun right? The reason was found quickly enough, if you minimize the game with the ALT + TAB combination, and then close it altogether, then the progress is lost. Currently bug profiles. It’s funny that the error only appeared on windows 10 in the Windows store. I did not find any complaints about the Steam version.

Fact 7: Plagiarism or inspiration?

Successful games have always been inspired and cuphead is no exception. Spanish Xixo Games Studio in 2019 announced their cuphead-style game called Enchanted Portal.

Enchanted portal

And kind of good news, cuphead fans should be happy, but no. Most took it as plagiarism and uploaded the teaser. At first glance, the game really looks like a cuphead clone, but if you look closely, Enchanted Portals is still unique in its own way. Although I’m sure someone will argue with me. In any case, the developers of Xixo Games Studio were criticized in full.

But this did not stop them, they re-uploaded the teaser, having previously deleted the old one and tried to collect the dough on the kickstarter, but failed miserably. Sadly, they promised not to despair and find new sources of funding. A year has passed and they haven’t heard from them. It’s a pity, I would love to play this game. It looks impressive. A bit secondary, but cool.

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