Cuphead: how to connect a gamepad to the game

Instructions for connecting and setting up a gamepad for the game

The keyboard controls in Cuphead are poorly done, so many will immediately have a desire to connect a gamepad, after which the game will become much more interesting. But the x360ce setup for Cuphead is slightly different from the usual way of connecting with this program. What you need to do in order for the gamepad to work stably, we will tell you below.

Setup Instructions

If you haven’t used x360ce yet, do the following to get started:

  1. Download the program from the official site. Be sure to choose the 32-bit version.
  2. Connect your gamepad to USB.
  3. Place the downloaded archive in a separate folder. Unpack and run the program as administrator.
  4. x360ce will give the following error:

Just click Create , and the program will create the file you want to work with.

  1. Next, x360ce will offer to find the settings for your gamepad on the Internet:

If you want to use the proposed method, click Next .

After that, the program from your device will emulate the xbox gamepad. Push the buttons and make sure everything works correctly. In case of errors, try setting the buttons manually. This is done as follows:

  1. Click on the arrow with the desired button:
  2. Select Recordand press the desired button on your controller. As a result, it will be saved in the program.
  3. After you have made all the settings you want, click Saveto save them.

Note : if you have problems connecting a gamepad and configuring buttons, I advise you to read the next guide , which talks about the program in more detail.

Next, let’s move on to connecting the x360ce to the game itself. To do this, go to the Game Settings tab . Here you should do the following:

  1. First, add the game itself. This is done using the Addbutton . Next, look for the game folder and select the executable file. In my example, Cuphead.exe.
  2. Once you’ve added your game, do the following setup:

Note : if your gamepad does not work with the COM setting, try to select six settings at once:

  1. Then click on the Apply / Synchronize Settingsbutton .
  2. Finally, click the Savebutton .

Next, you have to perform some specific actions in order for the gamepad to work. Without this, it will most likely simply not connect. So, go to the game folder and delete the following files:

After that, go to the folder with x360ce. You must copy the following files to the game folder:

As a result, your Cuphead folder will look something like this:

Next, run x360ce once in the game folder and immediately close the program. Then start the game and go to options in the controls item .

Click Remove , then Assign Controller. You will have 5 seconds to press any button on your controller. If everything is done correctly, you should have the following settings:

After that, your controller should connect to the game normally.

Important : adjusting the gamepad should be strictly in the order described in the guide. Otherwise, your gamepad will most likely not work. I tried simpler options, but nothing came of it.

Known issues and solutions

  • Connecting a second player.

In this case, try restarting the game and setting up your controller again. You can try running x360ce in the game folder. Also try restarting your computer. The following video may also help you:

  • When the game is started a second time and the gamepad is disabled.

Before starting the game, try running x360ce in the game folder. After that, start the game and connect the gamepad again in the settings.

You can also see the gamepad settings in our video guide:


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