Ctrl C and Ctrl V not working How to fix it on my Windows PC?

One of the most annoying breakdowns in the world is when the copy and paste keys are damaged or do not work, that is, the Control + V and Control + C commands. For this reason, learn how to repair CTRL C and CTRL V on Windows is important. Having control of all the keys is useful for the proper functioning of the hardware of our computer or PC.

CTRL C and CTRL V not working How to fix it on my Windows PC?

These functions have become very famous over time, because they optimize the search or development processes of a report. In addition, copy and paste allows the modification of documents exactly, thus having better control of the document and the computer hardware.

The most common solution is linked to the quick AutoHotkey script to allow pasting or activating the Control V and Control C commands, from the keyboard. What it does is take the contents of the clipboard and use the SendInput function to send the keystrokes. In addition to the CTRL C and CTRL V shortcut combinations, the Windows hardware keyboard brings many other shortcut combinations that you should know .

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  1. Why don’t Control C and Control V work on my computer?
  2. How to activate Ctrl C and V on a Windows computer?
    1. Enter the tools panel
    2. Enable the option
  3. What should I do to repair Control C and V commands on my PC?
    1. Is it possible to download AutoHotkey Script?

Why don’t Control C and Control V work on my computer?

All of us today have had a PC, or Windows 10 computer; or one of the older versions of Microsoft Windows. And, that is why it becomes very familiar to us to use these shortcuts, when we want to transfer a text or image to a document.

On the other hand, the Microsoft Windows operating system has a wide variety of software and hardware that serve for optimal computer performance.

But what happens when you try to use the CTRL C and CTRL V handlers, and they don’t work?  Well, the first thing you should do is stay calm.

And then , check the Windows 10 keyboard or the version you have of Microsoft Windows. That is, check if the keys you want to use are activated. Or failing that, they are not stuck or hard, obstructing their correct use.

Because, this may be one of the reasons why when you try to copy or paste with the Control commands , it does not allow you to execute it. For this reason, you feel frustrated or tired of wanting to copy that important text, and you can’t do it.

But don’t worry, because although the problem seems to have no end or repair, the solution is simple. Since, you just have to keep reading, and you will see how you can solve this; with the purpose of preventing it from happening to you again.

Now, if you realize that when you connect the hardware to another computer, it works correctly. That is, when using the copy and paste commands it does it well.

So, you have to look at the drivers or controllers that the PC has. In order to discover if any of them are installed incorrectly, or are not connected.

Well, if you don’t have these commands active it will make it difficult to use them. So, you can choose to search through the command prompt for the keyboard shortcuts and verify, and they are working.

And if they are not selected, nothing more, just click on them and voila, with that you will be able to copy shortcut control. Another alternative that you can choose is to download or activate the virtual keyboard on your PC.

This way, you can use your drivers without problems. Or if you prefer, you have the possibility of using the other two shortcuts Control + V and Control + C, less known on the keyboard; (Shif+Insert= CTRL V and Control + Insert = CTRL C).

How to activate Ctrl C and V on a Windows computer?

As with any other support, users will have to go through a series of simple steps to repair CTRL C and CTRL V or the famous Control + V, and Control + C in Windows, being the following:

Enter the tools panel

The first thing you have to do to copy and paste or activate the Control + V and Control + C commands in Windows 10 is to right-click on the title bar in the command prompt. Then, proceed to select the option called “Properties”.

Immediately following this procedure, a pop-up window will appear on the screen with several tabs and functions to control the keyboard. Now, you are going to locate the command that says “Keyboard” and double click on it.

Enable the option

Once inside, the next move will be to choose the command that says “Enable new keyboard shortcuts Ctrl”, which is inside the command prompt. With this, you will be able to activate and have control of the CTRL + V, and CTRL + C commands in Windows. Although on some computers, it is ideal to first select the button that says “Enable experimental console functions” and repeat the previous step.

Just as you can enable shortcut combination options, you can also enable and disable the use of special keys in Windows. This way, you will get better control and handling of your keyboard, customizable in your own way .

It is very important to know that the new commands are identified in a panel at the bottom of the Windows pop-up window that will be displayed on the screen when completed. In some cases, the computer has other letters to use or adapts a virtual keyboard on the screen.

What should I do to repair Control C and V commands on my PC?

Actually, there is a way to paste or copy some text using PC keyboard, but it is not convenient to use. It consists of using the Alt + Space key combination.

After pressing these keys on your PC or computer, a pop-up window will appear with the list of tools necessary to have greater control of the keyboard. Select the E key and the P key , this will activate the menus and paste them where they are required by the user.

But if this doesn’t work, there are also other ways such as the AutoHotkey Script Ctrl + V. The first step is to download the application to your computer and run it on it.

You will then proceed to create a new AutoHotkey script or add the following to your existing script. The utility of the script is simple, just use the SendInput function  to send the data to the window, which is much faster than any other method.

It is very important to know that it is a medium that does not require much space on the computer or PC. So, you can use the copy control function, when necessary. If any key on your keyboard stops working or does not work, as is the case with the CTRL C and CTRL V commands, it would be good for you to review some, a guide on why it happens and how to fix it .

Is it possible to download AutoHotkey Script?

The answer is yes, the AutoHotkey Script software is downloadable, it is available in various application stores. But, it is crucial to highlight that it is usually very heavy.

This is a feature or software, it can be removed via the tray icon or drivers if you want. Now, if you want to hide the tray icon , the user must add #NoTrayIcon.

Then, to locate the blocked folder, it is necessary to place its name on the hard drive; the download process can be carried out through its official platform. Being the most suitable, as it contains all the drives, controllers and functional elements, for software control. In addition, it is free of viruses or malicious aspects on the web.

To conclude, it is very important for consumers to know that if none of the aforementioned methods work. They will require the assistance of a specialist to help them with the problem or control of the CTRL + C and CTRL + V commands.

Additionally, if any of the keys on your keyboard start to fail, you have the option of checking the status or operation of a keyboard or controllers, with online pages.

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