Why doesn’t CTRL C and CTRL V work for copy and paste?

The shortcut commands may stop working like Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V to copy and paste. As it is an integrated function of the system, it is a problem that can be solved as long as the fault that causes it is detected.

Why doesn’t CTRL C and CTRL V for Copy and Paste work? How can I fix or repair it


  • Why is the use of Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V important?
  • Why don’t Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V work?
  • How can I fix or repair using Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V commands?

Why is the use of Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V important?

We owe the use of shortcut commands to Lawrence G. “Larry” Teslet . He was working on programming a system known as Smalltalk-76 in the 1970s.

This is how he began the process of copying any text or any information and temporarily retaining it in a memory space, and then placing it in another place or duplicating it.

This was done with the intention of optimizing the use of the computer . They became common use and today there are other key combinations that are shortcuts made to increase productivity when using computer applications.

Why don’t Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V work?

Install updates that conflict with system operation

There are updates that more than a solution represent a problem in the system, since the process of updating files by mistake can affect other processes . If you did a recent system update it may be what is affecting you.

Hardware drivers failure

If you have done a driver update improperly, your keyboard may have malfunctions. It happens the same way if they are outdated or you uninstalled the drivers from the PC .

Keyboard malfunctions

Your physical keyboard may stop working. Either because the connectors are in bad condition or because some of the keys are damaged and no longer fulfill their function.

Website disabled to copy text

If you are trying to use the copy and paste commands on a web page and it does not work for you, it is most likely that it is protected to avoid being copied . It is a method that some content creators use to prevent the plagiarism of your information.

How can I fix or repair using Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V commands?

Uninstall recent updates

Access the Control Panel and then click on the Programs / Programs and Features option . Then select the option View installed updates.

From the list of updates, choose all the ones that have been installed since the day the keyboard began to fail and press the uninstall button . Finally, restart the PC and try to test the keyboard again.

Reinstall keyboard drivers

Access the Device Manager or the Equipment Manager of the PC. To access, right click on the This computer icon and choose the Manage option.

In the Computer Management tab select the Device Manager option . Choose the keyboards option and select the one that doesn’t work from the list by double clicking.

In the properties window, click on the controller tab. Now choose Update Driver option and start the update process.

Test physical operation of the keyboard

It may seem like an obvious option, but it doesn’t hurt to rule out any possibility. Unplug and plug the keyboard into the PC. If this doesn’t give you results then try the keyboard on another PC . Be sure to clean the connectors before reconnecting the keyboard.

Use the troubleshooter

This option is available for some versions of Windows. Access the system settings by clicking the gear icon in the Windows menu.

Select the Troubleshooter option and click on the Keyword or keyboard option. The troubleshooter starts running and if there is a problem it will fix it.

Install extension in browser

There are extensions like Allow Select And Copy that bypass the HTML Guard protection that prevents copying of text from web pages . It even displays the browser menu when you right-click the cursor on the page.


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