Creole rice

Creole rice. Nutritionally and in daily practice, rice can be substituted for another cereal and also for viands , although the value of these in proteins is lower than that of cereals .


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  • 1 white rice
    • 1 Long grain or round grain
    • 2 Long grain and broken grain
  • 2 How to save rice
  • 3 Different ways to cook it
    • 1 In casserole
    • 2 In casserole with cold water
    • 3 In oven
    • 4 In pressure cooker
    • 5 Raw stir fry
  • 4 How to reheat rice
    • 1 On low heat
    • 2 To the Maria bath
    • 3 In the oven
  • 5 Source

White rice

There are many different varieties and qualities of rice depending on the grain and it is also different, the proportion of broken grains in each of them. Everything influences the rice cooked and ready to serve.
For this reason, shelled white rice, although it is one of the easiest foods to cook, is at the same time difficult to teach how to prepare correctly without dumping the water. Every time the quality of rice changes, the ratio of water per cup of rice will most likely change.
Most rice dishes cook well with this ratio:

  • 1½ cups of water
  • 1 cup of rice
  • 1 teaspoon salt

If you want to determine the proportion of water a rice you don’t know requires, cook a cup of the new variety with that measure of water. If the grain is hard, open a hole in the center of the rice that is in the pot and add a cup (of coffee) of water, cover it well and cook again. The next time you cook it, increase the water from the start. If it gets stuck, lower the water measurement on the next rice you cook. That parboiled rice can be used to increase a yellow rice or make rice pudding if you have time and enough rice to cook a new amount.

Long grain or round grain

They are the two basic varieties. In general, long-grain rices are usually better for making shelled rice, and round-grain rices for making rice, rice pudding, rice pudding, etc. This rule is not fixed and with skill any good cook knows how to shear a round rice and grab a long rice. It all depends on the ratio of water per cup of rice; the type of casserole, especially the lid used, and the heat control.

Long grain and broken grain

The more whole grains the rice has, no matter what the variety, the better its quality. If in your house they are used to substituting rice for corn flour, pasta, food or bread, in some meals, and you have leftover rice that you change for other foods or articles of your preference, separate in two vessels, cans, cartridges or knobs, a little of the round and a little of the one with long grain. This way you will always have the one of the precise quality for that special dish you want to make on an appointed day. And if you have time, and an old jibe , the broken grain rice passed by the jibe separates any variety into two qualities; one of whole grain for shelled cooking and another of broken grain for rice pudding and rice.

How to save rice

Cook it correctly so that you do not have to discard the rasp and serve each dish only the rice that you are going to eat. Take advantage of the leftover rice from one day to another in different ways.
When you save rice, you also save part of the budget spent on buying food. Those pennies or pesos will be used to obtain other necessary products in a balanced diet.

Different ways of cooking it

In casserole

Pour the water and salt into the saucepan and bring to a boil, when the boil breaks, add the lightly washed rice if necessary, cook covered and lower the candle when the grain is soft but not dry. So that it does not stick to the bottom it is important to lower the candle in time. Also if you want you can add a tablespoon of fat to the water along with the salt or a splash of lemon juice and crushed garlic, to taste.

In casserole with cold water

Pour all ingredients into a flat saucepan. Put it on the candle; When the boiling breaks, cover the casserole well and leave it, approximately, 20 minutes on high heat and 10 more minutes on very low heat and well covered.

In oven

Rice, both white and yellow or compound, can be finished cooking in the oven when you need a surface burner to do something else and can also be done from the beginning in the oven to save fuel if we already have it on.
Heat the oven well, pour all the ingredients into a mold with a lid, add it for about 30 minutes, open the oven , stir the rice with a fork, add it for about 15 more minutes.

In pressure cooker

Pour all the rice , water , salt or other ingredients into the pot. Cover and cook 5 minutes over high heat and approximately 5 minutes more over very low heat without uncovering the pot.

Sauteed raw

When the rice has a lot of starch this is the best way (raw stir fry) to cook it. Pour the fat into the saucepan or pressure cooker, lightly sauté the raw rice in the hot fat before adding the water and salt, then cook as usual.

How to reheat rice

To simmer

If it is very dry, sprinkle it with a little water. Use about 1 tablespoon for every 2 cups of cooked rice. Cover tightly and simmer 5 to 8 minutes.

To the bath of Maria

Place the rice casserole in a double boiler over another saucepan with boiling water or where you cook soup, beans or other stew. Leave it for about 10 or 15 minutes.

In the oven

Sprinkle the rice with water, using 1 teaspoon for every 2 cups of cooked rice. Put it in a container with a lid and leave it in the oven at a moderate temperature. (350 “F equivalent to 175 ° C) approximately 20 to 25 minutes.


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