How to create valuable and “pushing” backlinks

Receiving organic traffic from search engines (Google, bing, Yahoo) is something that interests all website owners.

In this article I will focus on  how to optimize a backlink to your site.

To be precise:

  • what to consider when backlinking
  • what should be avoided

All oriented to the best possible result without unpleasant consequences.

What and how you need to consider incoming links (backlink or inboundlink)

First of all, a backlink, in order to be effective towards your site, must be  devoid of the nofollow or of the attribute rel = “nofollow”.

Ok but now let’s talk easy.

This attribute tells Google to “not follow the links on this page”, so as not to give weight to the site that is linked within the search engine ranking.

Who decides whether a link is follow or no-follow? The owner of the site hosting the backlink!

In practice, if the page that links to you has the nofollow attribute, then that link you receive from it  has no value or in any case has an almost zero value  in SEO terms .

In these cases, a site with a link without no-follow is less authoritative than a one with no-follow!

The rel = “nofollow” unlike the nofollow works on the precise link and not on the whole page. Then you can determine which links should be “followed” and which should not be followed.

Put a link with the “no-follow” and as if we were saying to Google: ” Listen, I will link it to you, but this site is not under my responsibility, do not tell anyone that I have reported it to you, so I don’t want to transfer authority as a reflection of this site “.

It doesn’t take a genius to understand that you should be interested mainly in dofollow links to improve your SEO positioning .

Now here, however, I have to give you a recommendation.

Google is everything except a deficient algorithm. If it starts to link you from the only sites without no-follow…. then don’t be afraid if you disappear from the SERP.

And what the fuck are you only backlinks with no follow-up? Do it a bit and a little and above all not always from the same sites and certainly not all at the same time.

The back-linking action must appear as natural as possible.

Avoid exchanging links, avoid being put on the link, rather write a nice article where your link is inside.

If you want to quickly discover nofollow links on websites, add the Chrome: NoFollow Seo Hilighter extension

Where to insert backlinks


The best position for a backlink is in the body of the main content of the page. POINT!

Better still if in the first 2 / e paragraphs of the text.

It’s a bit like the CSS principle “Cascading Style Sheet” everything is considered “cascading” so six there are several links, the first has more value than the following others (or at least that’s what I can confirm from my seo experience).

Are all the sites hosting the backlinks the same?

I would say no, but there is a though.

The things that give weight to a link usually only the age of the site, its page authority and Domain Authority.

The older the domain, the higher the page rank and trust, the better.

How to find out this data from a domain?

Here are the assessments that I personally make in the lineup just as we do them for our customers.

  • Do you prefer thematic sites better if with https active Do
    I have a golf site? I start from all golf sites and I expand “onions” in complementary subjects
  • Are the contents original?
    Analyze the contents of that website and make sure there are no articles copied from other sites
  • I check the placements of the potentially host site
    Better to receive a backlink from a site that is in the first positions than from one that is in the fourth page.
  • I evaluate the quality of the contents of the potentially host site
    If I notice that the contents of this site make shit well, it is a site that will not last very likely
  • Check domain seniority with  DomainTools
  • PA and DA (Page Authority and Domain Authority) control and who is it that links the potentially host site and with which anchor text.
    I use MOZ Open Site Explorer  to do this.
  • I am looking for a couple of directories and some article marketing sites
    Even if the latter do not always have great PAs and DAs have always been shown to help.

Stay in Galla without going deep

In 99% of cases the page with the most Trust, with the most Link juice to transfer is the home page (and it seems normal to me). Sometimes it is not so, because maybe a certain blog article maybe, has obtained so many backlinks to become much more “driving” for the seo of that site than the home page itself.

So try to make yourself link not too deep, but that your backlink can be reached in a maximum of 3/4 clicks if not less from the home.


Keyword and Keyphrase to link

Have we seen that the best way to backlink is to have the link in the main content of the page? Well!

Now you have to contextualize everything, images, words to link or sentences to link.

If you are doing backlink activities it means that you are interested in going up for a certain keyword or keyprase on google.

Well try to link just that. Want to go up for “Psychology of colors” create a piece of content that contains “psychology of colors” and link precisely these words.

Want to go up to Hotel Bari, link hotel bari or hotel in bari (even if a little different)

Occasionally also insert some links with less contextualized anchors that maybe use synonyms.

Backlink formatting

The link must be seen! Point!

So make this link stand out, with a bold, an underline, a light background color as long as you see it. The more they click, the more important it becomes.

Google also calculates the backlinks CTR. If an article has a link and no one clicks it means that the article has little value, so it will go down in SERPs, therefore it will reward you less.

Seniority and things not to do

The older the Backlinks the better. Google interprets it this way “if they have been linking it for all this time … it has to be awarded”.

If your site is new then it normally has few items a PA and Da Da has “trust absorption capacity”.

For this reason, before I told you not to overdo the backlinks that arrive almost simultaneously. Google is not stupid, it will penalize you.

For all this there is an exception.

If the backlinks you receive come from sites with High PA and DA or from very authoritative sites like or authoritative thematic sites, better still without nofollow (unlikely that they will leave you dofollow) then they are also welcome quickly

If instead the backlinks come from normal sites, blogs etc., then in this case go gradually and create a time line. A link every 2/3 weeks is an excellent strategy.

Here are the things you definitely don’t need to do:

  • Avoid backlinks from infected sites, ads, pornographic, of poor quality and in short you understand … ban on backlinks from shitty sites!
    If you notice that one of these sites has linked you then deny the link with the Google Disavow Tool .
  • Avoid backlinks with always the same anchor text.
    If you always link with the same keywords as well to me who are not google it would stink.
    Paradoxically, sometimes you can also use the less useful “click here”.
    The links then don’t make them always point to the same page.
  • Avoid sites that make mass subscriptions to directories
    You don’t know where your links will be placed, maybe the directory makes you shit and instead of getting you up it gets you down

This Search Engine Optimization job is something that becomes rewarding only if you do things well, but above all it is a long-term thing that needs constant monitoring.

Well now it’s your turn!

To help you create Backlinks, I created the site on August 3, 2017

If you want to quickly build a link without “no follow” write an article on  which is also in https!
Obviously, as already explained, the site is new, so your Authority is zero or slightly more, but as I said, SEO is a LONG TERM job just like this project.
So welcome backlinks that will become “Seniors without no-follow” no!😉

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