YouTube, how to optimize a video to increase visits and leads

YouTube is, or at least has been, one of the most underrated social networks . Companies, brands or professionals who intend to invest in Web Marketing , mostly, choose to open a Facebook, LinkedIn or alternatively Instagram account. Very few, however, decide to bet everything on YouTube. IS

Or, a simple fact is enough to understand the real potential of YouTube. In this case, just do a search on Google, or ” face contouring “, and analyze the related SERP .

Excluding sponsored ads (text and Google Shopping results), two out of ten results refer to a video posted on YouTube. In other words, YouTube is the only social media whose content falls so heavily on Google’s search results pages.

That’s why it’s worth investing and, above all, optimizing your video content so as to increase the chances of appearing in the SERP.

But what are the most important positioning factors to consider? Let’s see the main ones.

  • The title of the video, which must contain the keyword with which we intend to position ourselves
  • The involvement of users (like, comments, views) is one of the most important factors (and this, as we know, is also true of a website, where the parameters of bounce rate and durability session are considered by Google to establish the content engagement)
  • The description of the video, which must contain the keyword and related keys
  • The popularity of the channel, understood as the number of registered users

Going into more detail, we can say that 10 are the most relevant factors , namely:

  1. Trust , calculated from the video views, the age of the channel, the number of subscribers and the freshness of the published content
  2. Title , i.e. content optimization, which includes the name of the video
  3. Keyword and relevance of the contents, based on the description, the keywords used, the annotations
  4. Authority , linked to the frequency of publication, the title and the keywords used in the channel; external links to video content are also very important (including embeds)
  5. Channel Strenght , a parameter that is essentially based on Authority and Trust
  6. Number of views of the video
  7. Audience Retention , which also depends in part on the length of the video
  8. Shares , on social media and on the web
  9. User reactions and engagement , intended as likes, added to favorites or playlist
  10. Comments , also taking into account the keywords in user comments

Now let’s take a step back and go back to the SERP for face contouring. On the first page, we also find an external video content , present on the website. Therefore, it is possible to re-enter the SERP with video content even without using YouTube . How to do?

In this case it is good to adopt the markup , to communicate to Google that the content shown on the page is a video. provides a markup method to precisely define the type of content present on a website.

In this way, it is possible to define data relating to an organization, an event , a person , a product , a location and, of course, a video . This allows Google to create a rich snippet (in this case, showing the thumbnail of the video), which may present additional information useful to the user, such as the price of a product, its availability, user reviews.

Using for a video, it will be possible, for example, to indicate information relating to the duration, date of publication, any expiry date and the thumbnail that we intend to present in SERP.

That’s all? Not exactly. We recommend creating a sitemap for videos, to link directly to the robots.txt file and send to Google via Search Console .

By choosing the right keywords and trying to compete in SERP, at least initially, not too competitive it will be possible to get to position your video content, YouTube or embed within your site, on Google.

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