How to create a biogas plant

Today we will try to know what biogas is, how to build a biogas plant, the benefits and care.

What is biogas?

Biogas is the colorless fuel gas found in the absence of air, due to the decomposition of dung and other decomposing substances. Generally 5 percent of the methane is due to this gas burns. The cost of building a biogas plant is Tk.

Dung used in biogas can later be used as a quality fertilizer. A large biogas plant can run from 25 to 5 stoves, lights. Besides, biogas can also be obtained from mahish, goat, poultry, but most of the gas is available from cow dung.

Biogas plants are generally made of two types. Namely – floating dom model and stationary dom model. The floating dome model is more popular because of the steep dome model. The steroid model can be precisely 3 years in a row to create a seamless one.

Gas is made available for the families of 1/3 of a cow made from medium to medium sized biogas plants. The plant should be made generally in dry and elevated places. It is best not to build next to a canal or pond.

How to set up a steadydoom model biogas plant

For a steroid model biogas plant, first a well of 6 feet 5 feet hole should be excavated. The bottom of the well should be concave. The bottom of the well should be 2 inches thick by soldering a 2-inch thick brick.

You have to start knitting bricks from the top of the welding. When the Gathuni is 1 “high, the path of insertion of the cow dung on one side of the well (1” * 1 “) and on the other side a 3 * 4 free space must be kept to control the pressure inside the plant.

For insertion of dung, a 5 “diameter RRC pipe should be placed 3 degrees diagonally along the well wall to close the gap by welding.

Dome-shaped domes should be made by soldering bricks, so that the height of the well from the well floor to the roof of the dome is 3 feet. A gas bulb GI pipe has to be installed in the center of the dome to allow gas to flow out. The inside and outside of the dome should be plastered in such a way that it does not touch the water. Read on – Selecting a place to set up a dairy farm

The rules for using gas from biogas plants

Connect the plastic or GI pipe to the oven or the lights to connect the gas emission pipe. As there is water in the plant, water can be stored at the supply plant. If the supply line can be tied up to 5 to 5 feet high with gas emission pipes, then the chances of water freezing on the line are less. Dung should be given daily to keep the pressure on the gas. Otherwise, the production of gas will be reduced.

The necessary ingredients

Equipment for building a biogas plant of 3 cubic feet gas producing stationary dome model:

১. Brick – 3

  1. Cement – 12 sacks

৩. Sand – 3 cubic feet

৪. RCC pipe – 12 feet

৫. Gas bulbs – 1

৬. Supply pipe

৭. Wax – 2 kg

৮. Workers

৯. The other

Biogas Plant Plant

  • When giving dung and water, be careful not to enter brick, wood, iron, stone or anything else.
  • The gas holder has to be moved from day to day.
  • When the road to cover the dung is closed, it should be gently cleaned with long bamboo.
  • The gas holder should be cleaned and cleaned once a year.
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