Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Guide, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Welcome to our Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled guide , tuning the classic kart with the unofficial mascot of the PlayStation house and now bringing fun to all consoles. Get ready to get in a car and do the thug to face the threat of Nitros Oxide.

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Dominating all the riders on all circuits will not be easy, but we want to try to help you make everything easier . Or at least, that it is not so difficult to defeat all the characters or crush your friends playing online. All ready? Well tread thoroughly and beware of tight curves.


  1. All characters and how to unlock them
  2. All circuits, challenges and shortcuts
  3. Heads
  4. Tricks
  5. Frequently asked questions


The guide is under construction. In the coming days we will expand all the information necessary to achieve 100% of the game .

All characters and how to unlock them

In Crash Team Racing we have a total of 26 characters available . Some of them will be available from the beginning, but getting others will mean breaking a sweat. Are you curious to know them and know how the thing works?

  • What is the best character? Surely it is your first question and, without precedent, we may have an answer … more or less.
  • All riders: full list of all riders and the conditions to unlock them.
  • Trick to unlock Penta Penguin: there is a secret character that you will only get by putting this trick.
  • Boxes: we show you how Boxes work, what you can get in the store and how you can get more coins.

All circuits, challenges and shortcuts

As it could not be otherwise, we have a lot of circuits to travel, up to five different ones for each area (with one exception). Each of them has its particularities and has normal mode, CTR Challenge and Time Trial (except, again, certain exceptions).

  • Sanity beach: a tropical area. Don’t let the sand clog your wheels!
  • The Lost Ruins: in the Amazon jungle there are also racing circuits, even if they are made of stone.
  • Glacier Park: has it brought you the chains? The floor slides which is nice!
  • Citadel: the area where … uh … where Neo Cortex “lives”, we suppose.
  • Valley of the Gems: Nitros Oxide and various special challenges for the best runners await in this area.
  • Shortcuts: We show you the location of each and every shortcut on all circuits of the game.
  • CTR challenges: find all the hidden letters in the circuits, win the race and complete the challenge.
  • Race for the relic: complete all the circuits in the shortest time possible and collect all the boxes to get the Platinum relics.
  • Time trials: the best routes to complete the circuits in the shortest possible time.
  • Crystal Challenges: Get 20 Shards of each level to get 100% of the game.


There are several bosses that we will have to defeat in this particular racing game. Not that there are many, but they certainly wo n’t give you the victory either :

  • Ripper Roo: the craziest runner of all.
  • Papu Papu: the fastest indigenous in the village.
  • Komodo Joe: A wild bandit who terrorizes the Dragon Mines.
  • Pinstripe: A gangster who works directly for Neo Cortex and never leaves the machine gun at home.
  • Nitros Oxide: the alien who wants to turn the planet into a parking lot.


Incredible as it may seem, the tricks are back and you don’t have to pay money for them . We have tricks for infinite turbo, tricks to make you invisible, to have infinite Aku Aku or Uka Uka masks …

  • Cheats for PS4
  • Cheats for Switch
  • Cheats for Xbox One

Frequent questions

There are some things that will raise your doubts quite often. For this we want to leave you directly the answers to the questions that we have asked ourselves. You will see how the thing is easier than you thought:

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  • Do you have crossplay? Can I play with my wedge on Switch and know if it’s a ghost or not?
  • How to go out with a turbo: In case you didn’t know, you can start all races with an extra turbo.
  • How to do super skids and snaking: discover the definitive techniques to maximize speed.


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