What Is Cottonseed Oil;10 Features of Cotton Oil

Cottonseed Oil, obtained from the seed of various species of the plant Gossypium by expression, using hydraulic presses or continuous screw presses (expellers), and, to a lesser extent, by extraction with a solvent.The black or delinted seed may be pressed as a whole, or the hull, which constitutes about 40 per cent of the seed and contains only 1-2 per cent of oil, may first be removed and the kernel only, containing about 37 per cent of oil, pressed or solvent extracted to produce cake or meal of high protein content and oil of better quality and colour.

What Is Cottonseed Oil;10 Features of Cotton Oil

This oil is made from the seeds of cotton, and brings health benefits such as:

  1. Strengthen the immune system by being rich in vitamin E;
  2. Prevent diseases such as infections and cancer, by having antioxidant compounds;
  3. Reduce inflammation in the body by containing omega-3, a natural anti-inflammatory;
  4. Prevent cardiovascular diseases by helping to control cholesterol;
  5. Prevent the formation of atheroma plaques by being antioxidant and improving good cholesterol.

How to Use Cottonseed Oil

Cotton oil can be used in recipes such as breads, cakes, sauces and sauteed.Because it tastes stronger than other oils, it is always advisable to use it in recipes that is going to be  baked.Crude cotton 0il is dark in colour, has a strong characteristic flavour and odour, and is remarkable for the presence of an unusual amount of non-glyceride substances including a complex phenolic body known as gossypol, which is removed during alkali refining.

The refined oil is liquid at room temp. but, owing to the presence of high melting glycerides, it deposits a solid fat known as C ‘stearine’ when cooled below 50° to 60° F. It is used as a frying oil, or is hydrogenated (hardened) to a desired plasticity for use in the manuf. of margarine and cooking fats, or is separated into two fractions by cooling or ‘winterisation’ to produce a liquid oil suitable for use in salad oils and mayonnaise, and to a small extent for packing foods (sardines, etc.).

Cotton seed oil is a low cholesterol oil, making it a great choice for those who want to lower their cholesterol levels.This oil is great for frying foods because it enhances the taste of fresh food instead of hiding them, unlike some other oils.It is considered best for baking as it is not as heavy as other oils.cotton  seed oil is used in the manufacture of various foods and is known as a good substitute for cocoa butter in confectionery. It can be used in conjunction with other oils, such as canola oil, peanut oil, as part of a healthy diet.

Cottonseed hulls have so far only limited uses but it is thought that their potentialities have not been fully explored. They have little nutritional value and are included in meal only with the object of adjusting the protein content. Main constituents are: crude cellulose, pentosans, lignin and tannins. The pentosans may be converted into furfural for use in the petroleum, lacquer, synthetic resin and other industries. Some hulls are used as boiler fuel.

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