10 safety features in the Uber App for drivers and passengers

Some passengers of private transport applications similar to Uber have alleged on social networks that they have been the victim of robbery, sexual assaults and even kidnapping. That is why Uber has decided to implement new security features in the App.

The new security measures have been designed to protect the physical integrity of drivers and passengers . Some of these measures are old and others are quite recent.

What are the New Safety Features in the Uber App for Drivers and Passengers


  • Uber App Safety Features for Drivers and Passengers
  • Uber driver and passenger health protocol

Uber App Safety Features for Drivers and Passengers

Implementation of standards (community guides)

Within Uber there are standards that are used to encourage inclusion and respect between users and driving partners. Compliance with these standards is a priority for Uber, as it is the foundation of the quality of its service.

Emergency button

Inside the App there is a button that is used to request emergency assistance . The button directly contacts the emergency center in your country and they will attend to your case, but you must be careful when using it because if it is a false alarm you will be sanctioned.

Trusted Contacts

Choose one or more trusted contacts to share the details of your trip . They will know when you have just started a trip and when you finish it just like family profiles. They will receive SMS, instant message or email notifications.

Access the driver’s partner information

You can access the data of the driver partner before and during the trip. View your average rating and comments from other users.

24/7 assistance

Uber has a staff dedicated to answering all your safety questions. They can answer you at any time of the day.

Broad spectrum insurance policies

All Uber vehicles require insurance that covers any claim or accident. Including hospitalization payments for the passenger and the driver partner.

Verification of driving partners

All aspiring driver partners must go through a verification process before working with Uber , as do riders who use the app. Includes verification by Facebook, verification of payment methods, validation of cell phone number.

All documentation submitted by the driving partners to work, such as safety certification and criminal records will be reviewed. They must present all the documents to verify their authenticity.

Facial recognition technology

It is a technology developed by Microsoft that verifies the identity of the driving partner in real time . It is a quick way to validate that the person who picks you up for the trip is the same person who is registered in the application.

In-app chat

The Uber App has an internal chat that allows users and driving partners to communicate with each other. This way they will not have access to your phone number .

Passenger drivers with official photos

Each driver has an official photo on their profile that has the Uber background . This photo has been taken at the company’s service centers.

Safe cars

Uber maintains a strict control of the condition of the vehicles that are used to work. I demand that all the cars they use to work have 4 doors, up-to-date maintenance, seat belts in good condition, double airbags and optimal aesthetic conditions.

Uber driver and passenger health protocol

The door-to-door security standard implemented by Uber seeks to incentivize the responsibility of drivers and passengers in parallel. The standard is designed to maintain the health and safety of all .

  • All users and drivers have to wear maskscompulsorily
  • Driving partners should take a photo of themselves before starting to drive to check that they are wearing a mask or other facial protection equipment
  • Drivers will have various hygiene and cleaning products in the car
  • Users will be able to comment in the App if the driving partners are complying with the health protocol
  • Uber is constantly working with the WHOto ensure that appropriate health-related measures are taken


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