Cosmos (Flower)

Cosmos. . It is a species that can measure up to a meter in height and has a very interesting and happy flowering. Depending on the variety, the flowers can be of different colors such as pink, purple, white or red.


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  • 1 Scientific or Latin name
  • 2 Common or vulgar name
  • 3 Family
  • 4 Origin
  • 5 Parts of the plant
  • 6 Flowering time
  • 7 Some recommendations
  • 8 Sources

Scientific or Latin name

Cosmos bipinnatus

Common or vulgar name






Parts of the plant

Leaves. Completely divided into linear-filiform segments, and with a highly branched stem. Flowers in heads with a small yellow central disc, and with the peripheral ligules of a vivid pink, purple or white color, 2-3 cm long.

Flowering time

It blooms from spring to early fall and stays in bloom throughout the summer even under conditions of high temperature and humidity is very elegant and ideal for patios and gardens.

Some recommendations

The watering should be moderate, and should know that the plant cosmos is very resistant to drought . That is to say that if it stops watering for a few days it will not be harmful to this species. Its maintenance is very simple and practical for those people who do not have enough time to intervene constantly in the growth of plants in their garden . We refer to an ideal flower to cut and make beautiful bouquets . If you have the opportunity to grow cosmos in your garden, be sure to do so.


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