7 corporate benefits to help your employees in times of crisis

40% of professionals value a package of corporate benefits , according to data from Catho . However, in the midst of the financial crisis, many companies are beginning to reevaluate these advantages.

This is because the advantages of offering benefits to employees must be used strategically, let alone in times of difficulty.

If a package of corporate benefits requires a study from the company, so that these advantages can be assertive in attracting and retaining talent , in times of crisis an even more thorough and error-free strategy is needed.

During a financial crisis period, corporate benefits need to be useful to the employee . Thus, the company shows concern for its employees, going beyond labor, and engaging them even more.

At the present time, we see a pandemic, like that of the coronavirus, which has impacted the reality of many companies. However, with strategic organizational management it is possible to reinvent and maintain or even offer new corporate benefits.

In this article, we list 7 benefits that can help employees in times of crisis.

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Corporate benefits tips

Many companies believe that corporate benefits have an impact only on employees, but not quite. The advantages of offering benefits to employees also directly impact companies.

Since this way, especially in times of crisis, the organization ends up enhancing its chances of retaining talent, engaging employees and improving its image in the market.

Check out 7 types of corporate benefits that can really help employees in times of crisis.

  1. Health insurance;
  2. Food or meal vouchers;
  3. Adoption of on-demandpayment ;
  4. Professional development actions;
  5. Financial guidance;
  6. Basic basket aid;
  7. Agreements with different services.

We will detail each one below.

1. Health plan

74% of professionals place health insurance as one of the most important corporate benefits that a company can offer , said Catho . This data alone can take away the relevance that it may have then in the business environment.

If we consider the current moment, when the health system has been deployed to serve everyone, a health plan makes all the difference. Both in means of prevention and treatment.

In Brazil, the high price is the main reason why people do not have a health plan. About 70% of the population, revealed a survey by SPC Brasil and CNDL , have no medical insurance .

Therefore, this can be one of the main corporate benefits that the company can offer. Contributing so that its employees do not have extra expenses in this area, mainly in times of financial crisis .

2. Food or meal vouchers

Unlike what we see in the transportation voucher, which is a mandatory benefit under the CLT law , food stamps are optional. This is not to say that it is not one of the corporate benefits that most companies offer.

The recruitment company, Page Personnel , recently revealed that more than 50% of professionals want to receive some kind of amount to help them with food expenses.

An IBGE study showed that families with up to two minimum wages earmark up to 22% of their earnings for food. While people with incomes of up to 25 minimum wages the value exceeds 30%.

Therefore, companies that offer food stamps or meals within their corporate benefits reduce financial stress and contribute in times of crisis so that families do not worry so much about this type of expense.

3. Adoption of on-demand payment

The financial issue is one of the major concerns of workers in Brazil, causing stress and anxiety for more than 53% of these professionals , according to a study by PwC . This impacts on decreased productivity, incidence of errors and low engagement.

In the midst of the financial crisis, many people turn to loans to cover their debts. One of the innovative corporate benefits in this scenario is the adoption of on-demand payment , such as Xerpay .

The advantages of offering benefits to employees, such as Xerpay, are that it is easy for employees to request part of their salary from the company at any time, depending on the days worked.

This decreases his financial stress so that he can organize his salary in the best way and even get support in case of financial need.

In addition, with Xerpay, everything can be done quickly and the employee receives a financial advisor via chat, who can contribute support to help employees avoid debt.

4. Professional development actions

The Best Companies to Work for Study GPTW NOVAREJO revealed that 34% of the best companies in the country have an average of 100 hours of training. 

22% of them offer resources, within their corporate benefits, for their employees to invest in professional benefits. Much more than a salary, every professional wants to grow in the profession.

Nothing better, then, than having a good curriculum to face the challenges of the market, especially in times of crisis.

Therefore, partnership with colleges and educational institutions can provide online courses, training, training and scholarships to assist undergraduate and graduate students. Thus, the company contributes to the improvement of its team.

Having a reality of financial crisis, the market becomes even more competitive and whoever has greater professional training can not only stand out, but avoid a possible dismissal in cases of staff cut.

5. Financial guidance

The financial crisis calls for reorganization and re-planning of accounts, costs and investments. Therefore, one of the corporate benefits that companies can offer is personalized financial consultancy.

Many professionals end up losing their money, accumulating debts, do not know how to save and live in intense daily financial stress. This guidance can help them devote more time to prioritizing financial health.

The financial health of employees has already been the subject of our article: “ How is the financial health of employees? ”. After all, in times of financial crisis, being smart in the use of money can reduce unnecessary spending.

This can be done mainly at predefined times and online, through videos with presentations, personalized conversations, etc., respecting even the isolation in this quarantine period.

6. Basic food allowance

A basic basket feeds, on average, a family of 4 people for 1 month. In fact, this is one of the basic corporate benefits that some companies offer and that can support employees in times of financial crisis.

With the income compromised in the crisis, this option may be an alternative to food. Over the years, however, this benefit has become more individualized, where some organizations personalize a kit, according to the needs of each professional.

The company, through research, offers a list of products and lets employees choose what will really be useful to them.

7. Agreements with different services

The financial crisis can make many professionals have less purchasing power to buy. One of the advantages of offering benefits to employees is in support of expenses in this period that agreements with different services can provide.

At the present time, discounts on restaurants, subscription to newspapers, delivery services, markets and pharmacies are extremely beneficial to employees.

In normal times, without quarantine because of COVID-19, it is possible to offer partnerships with cinemas, theaters, clothing stores, electronics and much more.

To be more assertive in discount partnerships in this regard, it is essential that the company has prior knowledge of the needs of its employees and what types of agreements and services could help.

Any discount or facility in times of crisis, provided by the company’s commercial partnerships with its employees, will certainly be extremely valued by employees, as it is the time that they most need help.

Value your professional in times of crisis

Most professionals see a good package of corporate benefits when they join a company. In times of financial crisis, the benefits of offering employee benefits are indescribable.

Since any help during this period can make you reap the benefits ahead. Whether to enjoy a more engaged and willing professional who will literally wear the company’s shirt to face the organization’s challenges.

If, at a certain moment, the company thought about the employee, valued his work and evaluated the advantages of offering benefits to employees, it is practically certain that in the future the employee will recognize this company’s effort towards him.

In a time of crisis, even of social withdrawal, benefits such as those mentioned above can help employees on a daily basis.

Providing not only professional support, through online courses and partnerships, but social, through medical agreements and vouchers such as food and meals.

It is a fact that if the company has now thought of its professionals, its image will be much more valued and recognized at the end of the crisis, becoming an example of effectiveness in business management and crisis management.


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