Coronavirus: nutritional tips to increase immunity

Coronavirus is a terrifying word of the present. The whole world is horrified. We have stopped. But in the meantime, you have to follow the highest precautions and find the means of defense. With some nutritional precautions, we can easily increase our immune system. At the end of the day, the resistance that can be made to any virus, including coronas, is from a national illness.

Vitamin A, C, K and consequently rich foods can increase our immune system. That means our immune system will be strengthened. One of the main sources of high yields of colorful vegetables and talk. Bedroom contains potent anthocyanin that protects us from virus attacks. It is important to drink sufficient amount of pure hot water every hour. Honey and ginger can be associated with this, which will boost our immune system as well as act as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Banana and dab water are very important for adequate hydration. The anti-inflammatory qualities are observed in garlic. Which can be used in chicken or vegetable soup. In the case of a fever, one must first increase the amount of protein in the daily diet list. For every kilogram weight, it will be 3-5 3/2 grams. At this time, it is important to consider whether diabetes and kidney disease control the prevalence of their disease by following a balanced diet.

After catching raw fish-meat, vegetables must be washed thoroughly with soap. Cook until fish meat and eggs are cooked to the proper temperature. By keeping the above things properly, we can protect ourselves from this health disaster by promoting nutritional standards.

by Abdullah Sam
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