Coronavirus and loaves of bread: should they be disinfected?

The bread has become a highly coveted product in the crisis of the coronavirus . Many Spaniards have chosen to make their own bread at home so that they do not have to go down to the bakery every day. And they are lucky because flour is scarce. Others, however, choose to buy several bars, freeze them and take them out as they need it. But whatever the option, families have a question: should the loaves of bread be disinfected ? If yes, how to do it?

We have already told you if you have to disinfect the products you buy when you get home . You already know that, at the moment, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), has reported that transmission of the virus through food has not been proven . “Scientists and authorities around the world are monitoring the spread of the virus and there have been no reports of transmission through food,” the agency said. Therefore, disinfecting the loaves of bread is not necessary. But, if for your peace of mind you want to disinfect them, do it.

Consumers should know that bread oven workers, dispatchers, and supermarket employees work protected with masks and gloves to prepare bread bags. And it is that the really effective measures to prevent the contagion are those that the authorities have been giving since the beginning of the pandemic: adequate hand washing, not touching the eyes, nose or mouth, coughing and sneezing inside the elbow and keeping the safety distance .

The only way to “disinfect” the bread is to heat it over 50º , either in the oven or in the toaster, since it cannot be washed with any product. We warn you now that if WhatsApp reaches you, information that bread is the main source of contagion is false : it is a hoax.

Before heating it, that is, before touching it, you should have washed your hands well and, if you put it on the kitchen counter, make sure that it is clean and disinfected. Of course, no coughing or sneezing at him or touching your face while you drive. With all these rules you must have complied when going to the supermarket to buy the bars, where you must also have kept the safety distance.

If you buy it, when you get home, throw your packaging in the trash and store the bar in a new container , cloth bag, lid or any other that is in good condition.

And if you decide to do it at home, you should take the same safety and hygiene measures, since you should not start kneading without having previously washed your hands or without having disinfected the surface.


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