Ten tips to keep your home clean and coronavirus free

Ten proposals have been launched by the Institute for Geoenvironmental Health and place special emphasis on ventilating all rooms and avoiding the use of candles.

one . ) Increase ventilation at home

You have to ventilate 10 or 15 minutes in the morning and the same at night. By spending all day at home, CO2 levels rise considerably. It is also important to ventilate if you live in a radon area and have not taken measurements at home, you can be exposed to high levels throughout the day.

2 . ) House disinfection

It is important to keep our environment clean and disinfected. You can perform regular cleaning and scrub floors and other surfaces with water and bleach. If you use other chemicals to clean, remember to ventilate after applying them since some products contain formaldehyde.

3 . ) Prevent the virus from entering you when you return home

When you return home, don’t forget to take off your shoes and change your shoes. Disinfect the soles of street shoes with a sprayer loaded with alcohol or a dilution of bleach and water. It is also advisable to change the clothes that come from the street and wash them at 60 °.

Four . ) Reduce your exposure to mobile

If you have to make long-lasting calls, it is better to use the landline. If you want to use the mobile it is better to do it in hands-free mode or use headphones, if they are low radiation better. Remember to turn it off or put it in airplane mode to sleep and do not load it on the nightstand.

5 . ) Reduce your exposure to Wifi

If you are teleworked you should connect via cable. You can put a cable, even temporarily. Remember that telecommunications stores are still open. With the cable you will improve the connection speed in your virtual meetings and reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Remember to turn off the wifi when you don’t use it and when you go to sleep.

  1. ) Secure your electrical connections

Try not to accumulate a lot of equipment connected to the same power strip. It is common to see power strips full of connected equipment, this can cause an increase in our exposure to electromagnetic fields which can lead to increased tiredness and sleep problems. Make sure you connect only the essentials, do not place the strip on the work table, it is better on the floor, if possible use shielded strips.

  1. ) Disinfects screens

Smartphone and tablet screens can accumulate viruses and bacteria. It is important to clean them regularly with a soft cloth and a hydroalcoholic solution. Whenever you change hands you should disinfect

  1. ) Limit the time of mobile use to children

It is important that children do not abuse these technological elements. There is plenty of evidence of risks to your mental and physical health. Limit the time in which these devices can be used and especially in the hours before bedtime, since the screens emit blue light that can disturb your sleep. This also applies to adults.

  1. ) Do not light incense or candles

The use of incenses and candles in closed spaces is not highly recommended. All of these products produce Benzene and increase levels of particulate matter. Benzene is a carcinogen and the particulate matter is the bus that carries viruses and bacteria. Ventilating the house is the best option.

  1. ) Find the best place to telework

In our houses there are more suitable places, for their energy, than others to work. This is a good time to test where you are best, at work, of all possible places at home.


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