Cooking pot

Pot . Round clay or metal pot , commonly a belly, with a wide neck and mouth and with one or two handles. It is used to cook food , heat water , etc.


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  • 1 Utility
  • 2 types of pots
    • 1 Pressure Cooker
    • 2 Clay Pot
    • 3 Iron Pot
    • 4 Bellvis pot
    • 5 Steamer Pot
    • 6 Slow Cooker
    • 7 Rice Cooker
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Pots are very useful in the kitchen . It cooks or prepares all kinds of food.

Types of pots

Pressure cooker

The pressure cooker is an airtight cooking container that prevents air or liquid from escaping below a set pressure. Because the point of boiling of the water rises with increasing pressure , the pressure inside the pot can raise the boiling point to about 130 ° C. It is used, in most cases, less time to get the same effects of stew or cooking fire slow.

Crock pot

The clay pot is made of ceramic . It can be of very different sizes. The clay is usually baked in an oven between 1000 ° C and 1100 ° C. Clay pots are associated with food preparation in a slow way: in most cases cooked. Clay is considered a faithful material for cooking vegetables .

Iron pot

The iron pot is a thick-walled casserole, usually cast iron. It has a lid that fits well. There are traces of its use in many archaeological finds of dissimilar cultures throughout the world, which evidences its use for centuries.

Bellvis pot

The Bellvis Pot is a domestic pressure cooker whose Spanish patent, registered in 1919, was the first in the world. The pressure cooker was patented by the Zaragoza native José Álix Martinez and later transferred to Camilo Bellvis Calatayud. Its characteristics revolutionized the kitchens of the time. Among its novelties was its smaller size and consequent portability, since the previous versions were pots that could hardly exist in a domestic kitchen due to their weight and size .

Pressure cooker

steamer pot is a kitchen utensil used for the preparation of various dishes in a closed container that limits the escape of air and liquids below a predetermined pressure . Most steamer pots have an area to catch juices, allowing all the nutrients to be conserved in their vast majority. Due to the health of the foods prepared with this model, the steamer pots are the preferred ones for cooking healthy diets, as well as for keeping kitchens cool in summer, as they release less heat than other models.

Slow cooking pot

The slow cooker is a type of pot that allows you to keep the temperature constant for long periods of time . He uses electricity as an energy source and his cooking technique is the opposite of pressure cookers. It is usually placed on kitchen countertops and is used to make food in long cookings.

Rice cooker

rice cooker is an appliance that is mainly used to cook rice . There are self-contained electric versions, as well as gas or microwave oven variants . Rice cookers are typically used to prepare white rice, but more elaborate recipes are also possible.


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