Cooking Braise

Braising from the French braiser defines two cooking methods in the SAR, one is “Grilling certain foods on the grill”, which we would all define on a plate with the description ‘grilled’, and the other “Stewing a food in its own juice, over low heat . This last definition of braising has a rival in the culinary vocabulary that is braised, although this word does not exist in the Spanish dictionary of the Royal Academy.


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Culinary terms

  • In culinary terms, we can verify that in most occasions the term braise and breeze is used interchangeably, surely among stove professionals it depends on where they have done school. But let’s see what this cooking method is about which there are also some differences for different cooks.


Braising is a combined culinary technique , generally consisting of two steps using the dry and wet heat method. First of all, the food, which is usually in large pieces (be it meat, fish or vegetables,) is cooked in a fat or oil to brown the surface and create the concentration of the juices , and the cooking is finished by wet means with the incorporation of liquid , broth , water or some wine or liquor in a small amount (which basically differentiates it from the stew or stew), as well as vegetables, the so-called bresa or mirepoix, which will provide aromas and flavors. This last cooking is done over low heat and for a long time.

Harder cuts

Braising is ideal for cooking harder cuts, where fiber breakage is necessary. The result is a very tender, tasty preparation with the flavors of the ingredients well integrated. There are many traditional dishes that are made using this ancient French culinary technique.

It can be braised in different containers and means of heat, although it seems that the braising was originally carried out in a special casserole called braisiere or daubiere, this container had a concave lid that allowed to put on it a layer of embers that provided uniform heat .

The way to achieve this cooking is currently by placing the covered casserole in the oven, although they are also braised or breseted in a covered casserole without the need to take it to the oven. At this point we highlight that there are chefs who make the difference between braising and breasting because the second definition is done without covering.


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