Consumer goods

Consumer goods are goods (products), which are purchased in the market at a certain price, with the aim of satisfying a need. (Eg food, clothing, household appliance, car, candy).

These goods are produced by light industry and released to the market so that some agent consumes them, thus satisfying a need.

Consumer goods necessarily constitute the last link in the production chain , although it may be that at the same time they are the first: abundant goods in nature, which still have a clear utility for human beings, are examples of this, although in most of them are also transformed into other products that are also, so they have a double character. Other types of goods:

  • Examples of free and cheap goods
  • Examples of Durable and Nondurable Goods
  • Examples of tangible and intangible assets

Both private agents and the state are interested in consumer goods. In the aggregate, consumption constitutes one of the fundamental components of the Gross Domestic Product , the most important macroeconomic variable of a nation.

On the other hand, the capital good , prepared by heavy industry , is defined by taking a product (in some cases a raw material from nature, in other cases an intermediate good also made) and transforming it into another with different characteristics, which it is usually called a consumer good but eventually it may be another capital good, since obviously some productive process determines them.

As a component, the increase in consumption is a growth in the Product of a country, and therefore apparently positive news: however, being two components, consumption has a certain negative correlation with investment, which is the engine of growth future.

Broadly speaking, it can be affirmed that the countries in which consumption has the greatest weight are the ones where investment is most withdrawn , and vice versa: countries with more vigorous growth, such as China, have somewhat withdrawn consumption and have a very high investment level.

Examples of consumer goods

1. A bag of bread
2. A television
3. Bottled mineral water
4. A wedding dress
5. Book
6. A cup
7. A perfume
8. A musical instrument
9. A gem
10. Chocolate
11. A home
12. A hamburger
13. A toy
14. An automobile
15. A packet of cookies
16. An exotic plant
17. A light bulb
18. A deck of cards
19. A plane ticket
20. Beauty Products

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