What is a consolidated workplace or co-working office?

Combined workplace or co-working is a place where a company, freelancer, businessman all work together to do whatever they want. The English word coworking means Bengali to combine. It can also be called shared office space or co-working office. However, there are some differences between shared office space and co-working office.

Combined workplaces or co-working offices are getting better day-to-day access to all modern services, including lower rent, flexibility, conference rooms, meeting rooms, phone booths.

Co-working space refers to an office or business center where office space is divided into small groups and rented to small businessmen, freelancers and service organizations.

The main purpose of a cohesive workplace or co-working is to get an institutional address at a low cost. At the same time, expanding your business network, improving communication skills, getting ideas for other businesses, etc.

Suppose you have an office and you have a room or space that you are not interested in, you can help someone else by renting that room or space and you can benefit yourself.

Again, small companies can manage their operations by renting a large office space.

Although co-working is very new in our country, this arrangement has been going on long before abroad.

Integrated workplaces are not limited to just sharing infrastructure costs. Getting help from each other, sharing experiences, using the same device, etc.

Note: There are some differences between shared office space and co-working office.

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