Conization of the cervix

The conization of the cervix is a relatively small gynecological intervention that you should not fear as long as it is carried out under strictly prescribed conditions and when its execution is really essential.

Very often, due to ignorance or little experience, these interventions are carried out or to an unnecessarily radical extent (the excessively large part of the tissue of the cervix has been removed, which entails more marked damage to the neck) or are sometimes also carried out in the event of the findings that can be, according to current recommendations, monitored without major problems (especially in women who have not yet given birth or in those who are still planning pregnancy in the future). In the last 20 years, many things have radically changed in this regard (diagnosis, HPV virus testing, conization technique, indications for operations, emphasis on specialized cervical exploration, etc.) and that is why the doctor should The intervention is always recommended to follow given guidelines.

In addition, many hospitals continue to practice hospitalization lasting several days after this intervention, which is absolutely unnecessary from the point of view of today and 99% of the interventions can be performed in the one-day surgery regimen (it is that is, with the medical discharge in about 2 hours in the case of the use of general anesthesia and in the case of the use of local anesthesia during the operation, the patient can leave about 10 minutes after being operated on)


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Technique of performing the conization

When choosing the technique of conization of the cervix (see image above) it is very important and absolutely essential to know if the changes in the neck are superficial (they are visible in a colposcopic examination) or if they are hidden inside the neck ( called the submerged transformation zone). It is also taken into account if the patient is still planning a pregnancy. Sometimes a minimal intervention (that is, very careful during which the neck is minimally damaged) suffices and careless destruction of the cervix (especially towards the inside of the neck) is not necessary at all !

Intervention at the Reprofit clinic

It is practiced as a one-day surgery. Lasts with the use of a short general anesthesia (without intubation) approx. about 5-10 minutes. An alternative to general anesthesia is local anesthesia (analgesia) injected. The admission to the clinic is on the chosen date and the discharge in approx. about 2 hours after the intervention. In cases of applying local anesthesia you will leave the clinic in approx. about 10 minutes after the intervention.

What procedures follow after conization

After the intervention, the woman leaves the clinic on her own, depending on the type of anesthesia applied within 10 minutes and 2 hours, as long as she is without discomfort. We recommend that patients come accompanied and in no case is it advisable to drive a motor vehicle the same day as the operation. It is possible to feel slight discomfort in the lower belly area. The side effect that may appear during the healing of the cervix is ​​in most cases a slight spotting (usually about 10-14 days) and frequently also the production of a moderate flow. Also for approx. one month after the intervention, sexual intercourse and sports activity should be avoided. The use of menstrual tampons is not advisable.

The introduction of vaginal suppositories with hyaluronic acid is also convenient for the promotion of epithelialization and healing – its purchase is possible without a prescription at the pharmacy (we recommend starting to use approx. 14 days after conization every other day at night 1 vaginal tablet).


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