Competitive is a word that describes the current work situation. When compared to previous eras, the current work environment is far more competitive. Increasing competition requires us to continue to have a competitive attitude.


In this era of advanced and sophisticated, people are not only competing to get a diploma. Everyone also competes to have advantages that are far superior to others. Fortunately, there are many facilities that we can use, such as YouTube, webinars or other online videos.


In this day and age, educational background is no longer the sole determinant of one’s success in the world of work. Every graduate has the same opportunity for success, most importantly we are able to apply the knowledge possessed in real work life and continue to improve the quality of self .


Well, this is what makes that each of us must have a high sense of competition. Competitive attitude makes us want to always make improvements and improvements. Of course, this is a good thing that can support career success .


The good news, technological progress makes it easy for us to improve our quality . However, we must be able to ensure that what is learned is truly useful for career success. Then, how can we maintain our competitive attitude?


Here are 3 tips that can be done to maintain a competitive attitude, so we will continue to improve ourselves that can help achieve success in today’s competitive era.


1. Identification of education that is already owned and needed.

Increasing one’s ability is one right way to increase self-motivation. This does not mean that we have to repeat the previous world of lectures, but that we have to find areas that need to be improved. We must find the right way to learn, get feedback and find self improvement strategies. To find out what areas need to be improved, we have to start by reading a lot of books about the industry that is trending. Pay attention to every word and term used. Are there things that are not understood? If there is, it could be an area that needs to be improved.


After knowing the areas that need to be improved, it would be nice if we could find a mentor. A mentor has the ability to recognize deficiencies and help improve them. That way, we will get useful feedback. In addition to mentors, find experts from the career world that are becoming trends. Ask their opinions about the current state of the market and what it will be like. We can also ask about tools, technologies that will emerge in the future and skills that will be needed later. That way, we can relate it to the current conditions. Let’s say that an economic observer predicts that each sales person must be proficient at using certain software.


Now, if you don’t have any knowledge of software, you can prepare yourself by learning it self-taught or even joining a learning course.


Understanding the education that is already owned and needed can help us know clearly the things that want to be done and which need to be improved. That way, we will be able to stay afloat amid intense competition.


2. Learn the terms.

Next, we need to learn the terms in order to effectively improve capabilities and use them in the right situation. Learning languages ​​related to our work is a form of self-improvement. The language in question, is not the real language. It deals with responsibilities, income and titles. Every industry and company has its own internal language. If we don’t understand it, it will be difficult for us to get a job and even understand the role that exists. For example, a company engaged in the field of heavy equipment providers will certainly have qualifications, standards and even cultures and provisions that are different from companies engaged in the pharmaceutical field.


Then, what company is our dream to develop a career ? Find someone who works in the company and try to connect with them, for example through Linkedin. Ask the person to explain what the role is and the condition of the company. Also understand the tools and technology used in carrying out roles. If something is not understood, we can ask for their explanation.


When you have an overview of the company, you can do more specific research. When you also get the chance to attend an interview, it will be easier for you to speak later in the interview session. Yes, of course. We have studied this before, right?


3. Understand the tasks, skills and achievements ever achieved.

There are many people who have difficulty explaining about past successes and what they want to achieve in the future. This is what makes them not appear as someone who is competitive.


To maintain a competitive attitude, we need to be clear about the tasks that are owned, the skills used in carrying out these tasks and the achievements that have been successfully created. If we have difficulty explaining about past successes, we can change it to 3 questions:

– Task: What do we do?

– Skills: What abilities are used?

– Achievements: How good should we show it?


For example,

– Tasks: I make 50 calls every day using the X application as a support tool.

– Underlined capabilities: I use communication skills and time management to increase the chances of successful agreement. I find that clients prefer to be contacted by telephone rather than email. For that reason, I maximize it over the telephone as a tool to contact clients.

– Achievements: Every month I always manage to exceed the target of 110%.

Why is this necessary? Because, in this era of very competitive competition requires that we can appear more prominent from others and explain it in detail is the right way to do.


Let’s say that now we have the opportunity to attend an interview at a very large foreign company. When we want to explain ourselves, we must look for ways that are not the same as others. We must be able to display detailed and clear self-information. We must also be able to describe the tasks, skills and achievements that were successfully carried out in the previous career journey. That way, we will stand out and have greater opportunities in getting the job.


Those are 3 ways to stay competitive. Being competitive, makes us continue to have self-motivation. If you have a strong self-motivation, you will always get the opportunity to do new things and master them so there is no room to feel resigned and give up on the situation.


by Abdullah Sam
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