Most common pitfalls for online students

Learning is necessary for you to be able to work with what you want. As such, several colleges offer online courses. However, students should exercise caution in order not to fall into traps at the time of study – this is extremely common and causes several losses.

Check below some reasons that can make the student lose concentration:

  1. Move the phone

The cell phone greatly reduces our ability to concentrate. A scientific study by researchers at the University of Texas states that the equipment, even when turned off, causes distractions just because it is present in one location.

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  1. Access social networks

Like the phone, social media can consume a lot of time and create distractions. Studying with social networks and other distractions nearby is not an exclusive mistake in the EAD world . Even the student in person at the institution, this type of distraction became common during classes.

An interesting tip is to use a different browser when studying the one used in everyday life. This helps the brain to separate leisure and learning time.

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  1. Procrastinate

Procrastinating means postponing activities for as long as possible before carrying them out. Example: you study for the exam only on the eve of the assessment or when you do that assignment at the beginning of the semester just a few days before delivery.

So, create a schedule of activities and get things done in advance.

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  1. Have a disorganized study site

A messy table, where you can’t find your stuff and always need to get up to pick up something, will generate distractions. It is important that your study site is clean and easily houses all the necessary teaching materials.

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  1. Don’t rest

Your body needs to rest in order to process matters, activating memory and fixing knowledge. When you are tired, all the processes become slower. So, always set aside a time of day to rest, and a good night’s sleep.

Do you realize how many things can hinder your studies? We often do everything that was presented here in the post automatically and we don’t even understand why we are having trouble learning. Therefore, follow the tips presented and improve your academic performance.


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